Kinect Star Wars review (Digital Spy)

The development team has gone to great lengths to ensure that every game mode feels different to the next, and has overcome any issues with length by adding lots of replayability in terms of high scores, unlockables and alternative game modes. The force really is strong with this one.

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SockeyBoy2388d ago

getting good scores, the lowest i've seen so far is from IGN. (IGN gave it a 5.5)

thisisxboxcom2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

So far, ThisisXbox, Xboxer360, CVG, and DigitalSpy have given it great scores and write about what the game really is about - IGN wrote a really bad review mostly based on the reviewers Kinect control experience when it clearly sounds like he doesnt have the device set up properly!

Other sites are talking about what they had hoped in comparison to what they had received, and the sites giving it good reviews are talking about what they are playing. A fun kinect game with a lengthy campaign that has added bonus minigames on the disc.

It is really a game aimed for the kids, but because it's using an adult franchise - and the dancing vids didn't really do it justice, some people are picking it to bits and giving people what the majority or people are wanting to read.

Anyone with Kinect and this game will enjoy it so much, those without Kinect will just bash it and trash it in comments as another good excuse for not owning kinect