PSW Preview: Metal Gear Solid 4

PSW via CVG, 6-Jan-2008 - "The pad sat in our hands; we eagerly tapped at the buttons in a vein attempt to speed up the loading process. The Konami rep to our right was into his rehearsed sales patter - something about history of the series or Kojima has total control - when the game finally booted up. Loading over, the screen brightened to reveal Old Snake crouched among the debris of a Middle Eastern town and we were in."

"The bad news first: this is the same level we played at the Tokyo Games Show four months ago, the same Middle Eastern war zone, the same grey ruins, the same glimpse at the Metal Gear MKII robot quirkily controlled by Snake using a PS3. So, same old, same old? Not quite. We're not sweating it out at a Tokyo trade show, the throng isn't crowding us and the nice man from Konami isn't pressuring us for time. We have time to explore the game."

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DaddyDC6504033d ago

Seems as if the game is shaping up very nicely.

rmeno254032d ago

DUDE i just thought of something what if old snake is big boss cause eva looks old to rightt he was still secretely alive and thats why he has the octoeye thingy and snake is really young and somewhere else just a guess anyone agree????

Panthers4032d ago

i could see that. thre was a pic of young snake. but big boss had an eye patch. i guess (with all this other crap) they could give him a new eye.

consolewar4033d ago

Show me the money...seriously guys show me at least 2 AAA games. Show me the money.

CrazzyMan4032d ago

also maybe FFXIII + GoW3.


whoelse4032d ago

Killzone 2, GT5, FF, MGS4, Haze, GOW3,

sonarus4032d ago

it really depends on whatyou like to play consolewars but mgs4 will be a great game and there will be tons of games you want to play nxt yr exclusive to the platform. kz2 could be AAA, FFXIII for sure, GT5 for sure, mgs4 no debate,gow3... then there are others like infamous, LBP, haze there will be tons of games to play. MGS4 will be the best game of the yr for me but mgs has always been my best game. so really depends on what you like.

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Gazman4033d ago

Hope theres a collectors edition coming out same time

Vojkan4033d ago

Xbots go buy PS3 NOW, just do it!

TheXgamerLive4033d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Go and buy an Xbox 360 if you want to play "real" games then.

HarryEtTubMan4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Xgamer you're a loser. Just shut up. You only believe that(if you even realy do) because you don't have a PS3. I have both. They both are good... and the Xbox 360 is CERTAINLY not a better gaming console than the PS3. YES MAYBE MORE MATURE(meaning it's been out twice as long) but that doesn't prove anything. 2008 will prove WAYYY more for the PS3 and everyone knows it. The Xbox 360 isn't a better gaming console than the Playstation 3. The PS3 is just very new. We will see. I believe very much in the PS3 and already love EVERY PS3 game I have! lol. Hater.

sak5004032d ago

No thanks, we already have been enjoying next gen gaming for last 2 years. Oh and when this game comes out in 2009, they'll be another 50+ great games available on 360. We dont want to sit and wait b3yond for our gaming.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4032d ago

no you haven`t.

what first year 360 games were you playing?

cause most of the one`s i played weren`t that good.

cr33ping_death4032d ago

lol " buy a 360 if you want to play real games" you mean nothing but fps.....right? if you want diversity in genres of games buy a PS3... plain and simple.

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killer_trap4033d ago

did they say it has control problems? oh come on Kojima i don't want the game I'm looking forward to the most to be plagued by a simple thing as bad controls.

Korosuke4033d ago

I wonder why console games doesn't have key bind setting.
If so, dev wouldn't worry a lot that what the control way of their games should be.
And there are many type of people on the globe, right-handed, southpaw, quad finger...

Keowrath4033d ago

From what I read, they said that the controls felt akward in a few places and that they didn't like the crawling method.

Portable ops on PSP felt a little akward when you first start playing that but after getting used to the controls you're running, gunning and taking out Metal Gears with ease.

They said the Crawling was the same as the old games. They obviously didn't like it in 1,2 or 3. I had the very occasional problem in the previous games of struggling to get snake/raiden into an air vent but again, once you've played the game for a bit the controls all fit into place.

If these are their only issues with the game, it's gonna be a blinder!

Lew_Ijgee4033d ago

If this is the same build from TGS then I believe that Konami has said that (correct me if i'm wrong) the controls will be set up differently for the Japanese and NA markets, and that the traditional alternative will be an available option.

I know for sure that Konami said that the interface was put together only for demo purposes and will be completely different (new) when the game goes retail.

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