GamesBeat review: Kinect Star Wars fails to live up to its potential

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi reviews the Kinect Star Wars game and finds it lacking.

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TBM2389d ago

how can any site drop anything above a 5 for this piece of turd?

FlashXIII2389d ago

Depends how you review it I guess.. clearly the game wasn't designed with the hardcore gamer in mind. Maybe as a fun party game it's pretty good? Personally I agree it looks like a piece of turd from what I've seen but then again I'm not the target audience.

TBM2389d ago

I hear ya, to me this just tarnishes the franchise on the gaming side.

Tapewurm2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

venturebeat? ? ...really? anyway, gonna pick up the bundle today and try it for myself. Can't wait for an actual credible source to review this title (me) lol. I hope it actually is as fun as and lives up to what I have been seeing. .... If not, at least I get to play Gears of War on an R2D2 :)

Shadonic2389d ago

please make sure you fallow the trainining vids accuratly in picture in picture vids people dont really do the right gestures and as a kinect know it all it really pisses me off when they say its shit and there the ones fucking up.

Tapewurm2388d ago

Yeah....can't tell you how many videos I have seen where the command to do something is printed in plain english or shown in a pic in pic on the screen and the person using the kinect is saying the wrong command or moving the wrong way to get something done. There is an english guy that has a video on you tube reviewing the game that does this and it kills me how ignorant he is. Well, setting mine up tomorrow to test it while kids are at is an easter surprise for them (and me lol) :)