Amazon Video Game Deal of the Day and Highlights April 3rd.

Online retailer have released their video game deal of the day offering 40% off Gold Memberships and more.

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TekoIie2390d ago

These are all really "meh" deals if im honest. If you were planning to buy any of these soon its good. But its not going to sell you onto something you werent thinking of buying.

smoothdude2390d ago

It is still more expensive than the PSN network. :)

TekoIie2389d ago

yeh but with Xbox you do in all honesty get what you pay for. MS have added lots of improvements over the years while Sony has added minimal.

Also the xbox's apps are so far 100% better than the ps3 counterparts from personal experience. Cant tell you how many times 4OD on ps3 wouldnt work.

guitarded772390d ago

I may pick up Sonic Generations... or I may wait for a $20 price tag... not sure yet. I want to play it in 3D, looks like a good game for 3D.