Amazon Opens Retro Gaming Store

GamerXChange: "...Dream no longer! Amazon has opened up a Retro Gaming Store [...] Games, systems, and accessories from the N.E.S., Dreamcast, PlayStation One, and more are organized and available for the those feeling a bit of that nostalgia calling out to them."

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iXenon2392d ago

I'm going to see if I can find battle toads

SoundGamer2392d ago

Ha! I forgot about that game. Play Battletoads if you want early grey hairs.

I actually needed some cables for old systems I have and found them here pretty cheap. Good stuff! :3

ThatMiamiGuy2392d ago

The way the next generation is looking, it might actually be better to go back to the retro systems.

Relientk772392d ago

I am so happy that they did this. I <3 Retro Vid Games.

Newsman2392d ago

Cough *MAME* Cough. Yep I love the retros.

catfrog2392d ago

wow, looking through some of these games, i had no idea that they were worth so much.

i see that amazon is selling chrono trigger for $4000, but buying it for only $20, thats cool

Stansolo2391d ago

Is it on the uk amazon site, if it is that's a bad move for me.....I will spend like crazy on retro
I better not look at the sega saturn stuff...I need help!

SoundGamer2391d ago

No, it doesn't look like it's on Amazon UK :/