Risen 2: Dark Waters- It’s Pirate Fantasy Time


"We’ve seen a steady influx of quality RPGs as of late, from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, to Bioware’s Mass Effect 3, and it isn’t stopping there.
Risen 2 the sequel to its 2009 predecessor, which was unfortunately refused classification in Australia due to its “sexual activity and drug use”, will this time see the light of day Down Under.

It continues the story of ‘The Nameless One’ who was the protagonist in the first game and is due for release on April 27th.

AFA Interactive, who have taken over the distribution reigns of this pirate fantasy single-player epic in Australia, invited us down to shed some light on what the game has to offer and what Piranha Bytes have done to improve the sequel."

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BadCircuit2479d ago

This actually looks really good. It was a great choice to get away from the typical fantasy medieval setting and go to pirates!

Proeliator2479d ago

The new modern warfare will be pirates, calling it now.

Send millions to my house in advance, please!