The Day After After Warner Jumped Ship - HD DVD Still Has an Advantage

Saturday, January 05, 2008 - PC World's Melissa Perenson reported from CES 2008:

It's always fun when a bombshell announcement hits the tech world. It's the sort of announcement that gets tongues wagging as everyone tries to absorb and decipher the implications and new course set by said announcement. That's exactly the effect Perenson has seen on Saturday at the CES from Warner's announcement on Friday that it would be backing Blu-ray exclusively. Perenson spoke to industry experts who thought the game is completely over.

Perenson was surprised by how the HD DVD Promotional Group responded to the announcement - by tucking tail and scrubbing its press conference on Sunday night. It's shocking that the HD DVD camp didn't have a Plan B contingency for this eventuality even though Warner has publicly said for the past two months it was reassessing its format-agnostic strategy.

IDC analyst Wolfgang Schlichting had another perspective - one that included a future for HD DVD, albeit a murky future at that. It's dual-format. HD DVD is now at the point of being an added feature, and the race against the clock is on for a $299 dual-format player if HD DVD is to survive.

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Gordii4575d ago

I believe that The Other 2 Companies *they dont deserved to be named* Will switch over to the Blu-Ray Format Eventually for the fact its easyer to maintain 1 type of disc then have serveral out there i mean when blu-ray players do update they could screw something up with the format of the HD-DVD plus on the other side everyone would have to buy a dual player and i do not see that happening at this moment. I firmly believe they will all be blu-ray in within a Yr. It only makes sense really with a bigger disc it means more experience and more play with Movie Companies and Producers.

TANOD4575d ago

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TheTwelve4575d ago

The "advantage" spoken of in this article is a very murky and far-fetched one. We call it "pulling at straws". Basically this is the "advantage":

Maybe HD DVD can stick around long enough for dual players to give it life again.

C'mon. What a waste of the pixels that make up that webpage. Warner waited until a side clearly won the war and simply joined up with that side. The Warner move didn't win the war itself: it simply confirmed it. You might view it as an official signing between a winning and a losing country based already on what has taken place.

Warner didn't win the war for Blu-Ray. The early adopters and specifically PS3 owners who bought the console in 2007 and went through crap because of it won this war.


BrianC62344575d ago

Who wrote the title for this story? I don't see anything in the actual story that says HD DVD still has an advantage. The only thing I see is HD DVD player manufacturers can move to dual format players and the fact the change doesn't happen for a few months. That was because Warner has a deal that ends in May. So they'll support HD DVD until that date and then stop. I don't see any advantage for HD DVD. Just a short stay of execution.

Xbox is the BEST4575d ago

knows if Microsoft will start throwing money around to movie studios Sony wouldn't want that. Do you think all these kids getting PS#3 really care about Blu Ray? No, so Warner delayed HD adoption good move. 8 million BR players out and it hasn't sold 8 million BR movies yet. So we are back at the start 5 of the 8 major movies studios back Blu Ray.

lodossrage4575d ago (Edited 4575d ago )

And yet people say blu ray is winning BECAUSE of the ps3.

So how can you say ps3 owners don't care about blu ray when over 70% of the blu ray players out there are indeed ps3?

That means the people buying the blu ray disc ARE ps3 owners

Hatchetforce4575d ago

Dumbass, people do care. Just go to the forums at places like EvilAvatar and people are saying, that's it. I am getting a PS3 now. You say they don't care because Microsoft just took it in the shorts. prepare to love it becuae MS will license Bluray for their next console...and pay Sony a royalty fee on every one of them.

dragunrising4574d ago

I thought you already have a PS3. "I am getting a PS3 now," implies you have not yet purchased one. Have you reserved the name Hatchetforce yet? Lame. Also, please explain why the format war has anything to do with the console war. The license to Blu-ray is not owned completely by Sony and the cost to license the tech is not substantial. Judge the price difference between competing Blu-ray players; not a big discrepancy. Don't believe me? Check out Walmart or Best Buy. Now apply this knowledge in regards to the next gen console wars. The difference in price, attributing to Blu-ray licensing, by the next Xbox will be nil. You can rationalize this on account that DVD licensing on 360 is not as pricey as it was for Xbox. Case in point, the original xbox had a DVD add on adapter.

SynGamer4575d ago

I think at this point, with Warner Bros. siding with Blu-ray, MS can throw as much money as they want but the industry has basically decided upon a format. Paramount will likely jump ship after it's contract is up, same with Universal.

Filanime034575d ago

Did u guys read the whole article. An analyst thinks that HDDVD might have a future if a dual player drops and HDDVD has a chance on surviving. That is a kind of a stupid statement. One reason is that HDDVD will only have 2 movie studios company left PAramount and Universal as great those company are they have no chance against the movie studios of Warner, new line, Sony, Fox, and Disney. Even if u have dual player more people will still more blu-ray movies instead of HDDVD that is the reason why the analyst prediction are stupid. He just wantts to give some hope to those poor HDDVD owners who wasted their money. tsk tsk poor HDDVD we hardly knew ye.

felman874575d ago

dual platform would cost more than Blu-ray. Why would people invest more money just to get a format that only has 2 studios?

Fan Tastic4575d ago

2 studios and Universal has been releasing crappy encodes as well.

Stick the fork in it already.

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