Dad shoots son after refusing to look at his Xbox 360

In Monroe County, Pennsylvania, police say that it was an argument over an Xbox 360 console that led to a son asking his father to shoot him, and he complied. The 17-year-old boy reportedly wanted his father, James Stanley Niedosik, 60, to look at his Xbox 360 Friday night.

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Darkiewonder4035d ago

"However, when the father didn’t want to, an argument ensued. During the dispute, the boy handed his father a rifle and told him to shoot him, and he did."

I don't know who is more stupid.

xplosneer4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

and I'm going to bet that the dad is saying that the kid asked to shoot him.

Edit: Wow the kid survived a heat shot no kidding! Oh, and he's currently heavily sedated, so that's the dad talking, of course.

gamesR4fun4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

indeed lol shoot me dad or look at my 360 ok son bang lol
dont think the gene pool would be worst off if he hadnt survived it...

ps to all the its a American thing all I can say is people are wack all over not just the USA....
Also the ones who are saying its cause he owns a 360 get a life if it was a wii or a ps3 you wouldn't be saying that crap.... might has well be insulting all gamers and that wouldnt be good mkay

BrianC62344035d ago

You missed the end then. The boy's mother said his father shot him but knows it was an accident. How stupid. Did he think it was the latest videogame controller? Honest officer, I didn't know the gun was real. I thought it was a controller. What a dumb family.


attempted hillbilly homocide?

seriously now. that dont sound right.

ravinash4035d ago

What a bunch of losers.

The Brave 14035d ago

Wow it really is the Red Ring Of Death!piece of crap!

AzaziL4035d ago

The dad in this story sounds like he has issues (and probably passed some of em down to his son) especially if the person was such a jerk that he didn't have the few seconds to just look at a dead 360 but had the time to argue with him as well as shoot him in the face.

Seriously, any sane person wouldn't even aim a gun at anyone (unless necessary) much less your own sons head and then pull the trigger. This ******* deserves to be locked up for murder since he obviously took the opportunity for it.



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bourner4035d ago

why did a 17yr old have a gun . can anyone in america get a gun because at that age i find it hard to believe anyone is responsible

Timesplitter144035d ago

In America, you can have a gun before you have the right to drink, drive and see humans in natural form (nudity). I think the legal age is 14 years old. What a nonsense. I'm not even surprised that this country is so violent and pro-war.

Tsukasah4035d ago

If you're part of a hunting family you can get a gun as early as 11. I had my first gun when I was 12.. a .22. Now I'm 15 with about 8 guns. I live in Illinois but getting guns is easy in the USA. Mostly because of hunting.

Spydiggity4033d ago

the people of the country aren't pro war. the government is. and the government lies to the people about who we need to go to war with. the rednecks back up the government and then the rest of us, who hate the idea of violence and war, get shunned for being "too passive." for every 1 war supporter i know, there are about 200 i know that hate the idea all together.

also, i don't knwo anyone that would intentionally harm their own family members. this is just a messed up family, the news only focuses on minority events that involve some sort of tragedy. don't expect to ever read happy news about video games from a main steam media, EVER.

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Jdash244035d ago

why would any parent shoot their kid? thats just plain terrible

lockload4035d ago

But Jack Thompson will blame it on doom

Gordii4035d ago

Damn and the kid only has one more year of child support to pay....
Well we all know there is wacko's i mean look he owned a xbox360 enough said....
Ok all joking aside.... This is kinda pretty horrible i mean I live in PA so i kinda know everyone around here doesn't have their head on straight but wow. How sad is this but i know there are a lot of people like that father if the kid says something i bet the kid will never say that again. Its kinda like do you really want me to do this and the kid is screaming yes... Well he was the dumb kid who loaded the gun and said shoot me i mean even i would be like What are you kidding me?!?!?!?

radical_pi4035d ago

because there are no stupid people in england. right i forgot about that.


Neurotoxin4035d ago

Yep there are plenty of stupid people in england, i`d say roughly 25% of the population...

.... Luckly though we don`t allow guns to be sold to idiots.