Can the PS3 overtake the Xbox 360 in 2008?

Gamer.Blorge - James Walker, January 5, 2008:

With Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema both announcing their plans to go exclusively Blu-Ray, this could be the momentum shift the PlayStation 3 needs to push past the Xbox 360. But how does this help Sony in its console war with Microsoft's Xbox 360? ...

In addition to a number of Sony's top-tier titles that are all due in 2008, if Home winds up being everything Sony has made it out to be, it may vault over Xbox LIVE - which is seemingly unwilling to actually work - as the preferred online service.

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GCO Gamer4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

yes it can

TANOD4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

dont forget FF13,MGS4,LBP and KZ2

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gamesR4fun4571d ago

Personally I think they had it in the bag for 08 without this but this seals the deal.

Genuine4571d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

I disagree. The unofficial death of HD-DVD will undoubtedly help sony sell a few ps3, as will MGS. However, I think MS is about to finish the ps2 and ps3 off. Before anyone blows a gasket and starts to think that's a troll comment, I'll explain.

First, the 360 is primed for a pricedrop. A pricedrop of $100 across all sku's would put the prices at $179/249/379. With the current and 2008 line-up, any gamer (even most fanboys) would be hard pressed not to pick up a 360. This includes the people who have only been able to afford a ps2 or Wii.

Secondly, tomorrow at CES, MS will explain in more detail the "IPTV" program. What IPTV will be is another package that consumers can subscribe to through their cable tv/IP. It will feature an Xbox 360 as a set top box that can used for HD programming, DVR/Tivo functionality, Next-gen gaming, Xbox Live, Video on Demand, and a PC Media Extender. With this service most people will find it more convient and less pricey to simply record HD movies/tv programs to their 360, instead of dropping $35 a pop for a blu-ray disc. Also with cable companies distributing 360's to consumers it shouldn't take too much of a snowball effect before the ps3 and ps2 are put to the wayside. The IPTV program is supposed to kick off this year.

And lastly, the 360 is entirely too far ahead for the ps3 to match the 360's total sales this year. The ps3 would have to outsell the 360 by 600,000 units every month this year to even be close. At $400-$500, the ps3 will be hard pressed to match the 360's 2007 sales. So anyone that is currently betting the farm on the ps3, should probably put that check on hold.

Mr PS34571d ago

Boring!! That was the most Genuine peice of crap i've read all year! Yawn

socsca4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

Why would anyone report them? Nevermind the fact that they are probably fanboys, they are right. Its just a weekly/daily "here comes the PS3! Pwning the 360" article... Just like the weekly "another RROD!" article, or "top 10 reasons why the 360 is the best console" or whatever other dumbass fanboy article you guys dig up.


ActionBastard4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

@ Genuine
Look back to the last price drop. It totaled $100. $50 off the Pro, $30 off the Elite and $20 off the Core(Arcade). I expect Microsoft to do the exact same, just spread it out differently. I think it would look like $249 Arcade, $329 Pro and $399 for the Elite. I think this for 2 reasons: It puts Microsoft directly inline with Nintendo. We all know that the rate in which the Wii has sold, at its current price point, Nintendo will not be dropping the price anytime soon. Also, from a tech perspective, the 360 offers more bang. MS will not price the 360 lower than the Wii, with the Wii selling like it is and the 360 being a better "value". You're getting HD, you're getting the Marketplace, you will get XBL, etc. Secondly, with IPTV on the horizon, the Elite enters a competitive price point with Sony. I think (ESPECIALLY after the New Line and WB news) if the consumer has a choice between a $449 Elite or a $399 PS3, it's a no brainer. They gotta drop that price. Also, with the Elite having a 120GB drive, expect it to basically become the IPTV 360. Microsoft still has a lot of wiggle room with the price of the 360. It's over 2yrs old and has direct competition at both low and high prices.

The PS3 has nothing but great games coming out and as yet to even discuss its movie downloads. The momentum they ended 07 with will only grow in 08. We all know the games that are coming. We all want to play them or at least witness them being played. 08 will not only be the year of Sony, but also Nintendo.

DARKKNIGHT4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

i dont normally post in this girly b1tchfest, as most of you regularly do.

Genuine: you try to come off as intelligent but you really fail.
Now youre what? in youre early 30s with kids and a wife, right?
why aRE you constantly on this site acting like a 12 year old prepubescent thug? is this the example you wanna set for your children? I can see your kids going online and doing the same douchebag actions that you prefer.

secondly, we all know your devoted to sucking of bill gates and defending the mighty 360 console. thats swell, its a good console....but i wouldnt waste my time defending it everyday on a gamersite. what you do or say here, will not help the 360"s outcome in any way shape or form.

3rdly, ms is actually implementing more features into the 360 so it can becoma a multimedia center. now didnt mr bill gates himself say: "we made the greatest game console in the world, we dont need to follow or care what the ps3 is doing". im pretty sure he did.

lets face facts, the wii is on a killing spree........its a runaway train with no brakes. it will eventually hit a wall and move no further.
the 360, (wether you admit it or not) has already been "LAPPED" by the wii in this console race...even though the 360 had a year head start. Also hddvd is dead and the whole hardware MALFUNCTIONS did not help the 360's image. Right now the 360 is taking a beating while loads of anti 360 stories are emerging.....its really not looking too well for the 360. If you add to this the fact that theyre willing to introduce another sku and alienate a sh1tload of 360 owners you can expect alot of anti360 stories. you can also expect alot of 360 owners to jump ship. it was still the greatest console of its time, dont get me wrong.......the 360 was the best of the best when it launched. SIMPLY because no other next gen systems were out at that time. now its a much different story.
The ps3 started off slow. we all know this. those that say the ps3 has no games, clearly dont own one. Im wiling to bet the ps3 is the center piece for alot of home entertainment systems, right next to a A/V 1080p hdmi receiver and a 1080p tv. It has been for me, for about 1 month now and i dont think ill ever regret my desicion on buying the ps3. EVER. Im also sure that alot of other ps3 owners feel the same way. There is just too much that the ps3 does extrememly well, and there are just too many games coming out exclusively on the ps3. So to all that brushed the ps3 off in the beggining and those that still believe the ps3 is out of the race.....look again, you guys obviously judged too early.

in the end all of the above systems are awesome entertainment, theyre extrememly fun. Its also extremely childish to be arguing over electronic politics at the age of 30, married with children, on a online site.
Love and play the games, dont hate and play yourselves. alot of you have made it a personall vendetta against others over consoles.......thats pathetic in a sad perturbed manner.

genuine: you are so wrong. first off youre a douchebag. We all know this. you did not address that issue either, simly because you cant deny the obvious.

neither did you argue my other points, which completely eclipse your iptv theory.

im sorry dude, but the 360 has too much negative info in its resume.

I for one never posted in this back and forth b1tch fest, but now its pretty apparent what the greatest console of this generation IS. Many sony consoles have defeated multiple foes. the latest being hddvd....that said I can safely say that the ps3 has alot of POSITIVE momentum which the 360 cannot counter EVEN WITH A PRICEDROP(as some of you hope).

Genuine4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

My kid is just fine, and I don't appreciate your attack on him. And frankly, your lucky this is the internet and not arms length. Also, what gave you the impression that you belong on this website more than someone else or that your somehow superior to me or anyone else on this site. I see nothing wrong or out of the ordinary with my posts. Look at the sewage you just spewed.

Pain4570d ago

so Yes and wont be long, the US Is always slow on the up-take.

heyheyhey4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

so you think that because of IFailTV the 360 will become the best thing since sliced bread? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-WRONG. digital distribution(of films) is still HUGELY unpopular due to feeble broadband (especially in the UK), small HDD's (especially on your beloved 360, core=no hdd, premium= pathetic 20gb, elite= impressive 120gb but its not upgradeable and it costs nearly as much as the 40gb ps3 in the UK) and the ps3 is getting playTV- watch, record and store live tv (then watch it anywhere in the world on your psp via remote play) and lets not forget the epic ps3 exclusives (mgs4, fabula nova crystallis, LBP, killzone 2, haze, god of war3, gt5) and a lot of lesser known, but still great ps3 exclusives (white knight story, socom: confrontation, yakuza kenzan, inFAMOUS, afrika, la noire, rockstar wild west project, team ICO project, crytek project, star ocean 4, tekken 6, zone of the enders 3?- not confirmed but heavily rumored to be kojima-sans next project and many many more)

also ps3 is getting a price cut as well due to falling production costs of blue laser diodes (for blu-ray), falling price of HDD's and other components

and lets not forget the death of hd-dvd making essentially every film after may a blu-ray exclusive (in terms of HD disks)

and lets not forget about HOME ( do i really need to explain what that is?) which will improve on the idea of achievements with visual representations (trophies) instead of just a number, and will also tidy up the PSN (which is free dont forget) and connect all the users into a single hub from which they can access other games such as warhawak, cod4 and the upcoming multilayer monolith- socom: confrontation. and the best news is that its COMPLETELY FREE TO USE AND DOWNLOAD with extra items for your apartment and avatar being micro-transactions via the PSstore

what can i say- i think you just got Genuinely owned

Lifendz4570d ago

Different matter. It's possible. If MS keeps shooting themselves in the foot and if Live keeps acting up ([email protected] anyone for paying for live btw), then yes, PS3 will be the system to own and surpass MS. Hopefully MS bows out of the console business altogether. They abandoned the original Xbox, put out faulty hardware in an attempt to beat Sony, charge consumers to play online (boooo and [email protected] for paying for live again) and they...amazingly enough...failed to made a hdd standard.

PS3 in '08. Sell your 360 while you can still get something for it and before it RROD's on you.

Genuine4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

IPTV will make blu-ray look like caveman technology. IPTV will be like an HD-DVR with a.i. (similar to Tivo), add VOD and PPV, and there is no longer a reason to get off the couch, drive to a store and drop $35 on a single blu-ray disc. Combine that with cable companies mass distributing 360's as set top boxes, and well...I think you know what will happen. It's a little upsetting for hive minded sony fanboys like yourself to realize that MS thought farther into the future than your queen sony. It's obvious by the way you little babies messed your diapers when you read my original post.

A little conspiracy theory:

You sony kids like to believe Michael Bay's comments regarding MS supporting HD-DVD only to prolong the media format war, right? Did any of you ever stop to think that Warner went blu-ray exclusive because MS finally O.K.ed it? After all Warner claims they weren''t paid by sony. Also ironic that the announcement came a week before CES, when IPTV will be the talk of the show.

Kugar774570d ago

saving hd stuff, especially movies like you described, will easily drain the 120 gb. i dont know what the ratio of "hd" minutes to gb but i think iptv might be a little too ahead of its time. its not practical for today's programming. later when they're making terabyte harddrives for the ps5 and xbox 1080, then i think iptv wil truly take off and you'll be able to have a whole collection of uncompressed movies

Genuine4570d ago

A 120GB HDD would be roughly 120 hours of SD programming and roughly 12-15 hours of HD programming. Which is plenty for the average consumer. This makes me think the 320GB HDD of the mysterious 360 "Ultimate" might actually be a possibilty. That would be 320hrs of SD programming or roughly 32-40 hrs of HD programming. Which would be plenty for the people who like to hoard their favorite programs.

Kugar774570d ago

ur right i guess i had my head solely focused on hd programming. still 12-15 hours of "HD" movies is only like 8-10 movies. i dunno, but the 320 gb hd would be much better suited so maybe the "ultimate" could end up being an IPTV-centric xbox

craymoogy4570d ago

hell yeah. ps3 will kick 360 in the nuts.

hope it won't hurt.

wind_dragon4570d ago

So i guess sony has nothing to counter this feature known as "IPTV"? No, i guess PlayTV doesn't ring any bells even though it been under development for a while. ironically its already implemented in Korea and should be coming to Europe early this year. OH! look a video of it in action. WHO KNEW? /end sarcasm

Guardian4569d ago

Well, ill be buying my ps3 next month, im not one any sides but, my dam 360 keeps messing up, if its not the hard drive, its my account being deleted, or my games being destroyed by the system. I cant wait to be able to play games without worring about bull.

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Rikitatsu4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

But i think what will raise the PS3 even further (we know its outselling 360 worldwide now) is the games and a price cut , GTA IV will pull a lot of casual gamers to PS3 in US because they still may not know the Existence of Exclusive Episodic contents , or maybe they think GTA IV is PS3 Exclusive

also Haze if it turned out good it will help Sales in US

In japan, i think The PS3 Lineup in Q1 2008 will be Big and Shinny because : Yakuza 3 , Disgaea 3 , Valkryie of the battlefield , Eternal Sonata , DMC4(Non in japan will buy X360 version just like what happend with DW6) ,

^ thats just Q1 , in Q2 and further down the year there will be level 5 game White Knight Story and the Multi-million Seller Tekken 6 , and the Most Anticipated PS3 title World Wide: MGS4

Europe will have a GT5prolgue in Q1 , which might Drive sales a bit , also tekken 6 is Very Popular there , i am sure it will move systems

Daishi4571d ago

Not to be rude but go to your local Gamestop/EB ex. and ask which version of GTAIV has more reserves. I don't think that the exclusive content will make a bit of difference IMHO, people are getting it on 360 because they own a 360 already. It's great that the PS3 is getting more and more hardcore games (FFXIII and MGS4) but they will change the industry as much as the previous ones in the series did. 2008 may be the year of the PS3 but it wont completely make up for the 2 years they skipped out on, maybe '09 or '10 but not '08. For that to happen PS3 sales would have to reach Wii like sales before the end of February and keep that until November. This will be the closest console war in history and I personaly hope it stays that way for the next few years and beyond.

TheExecutive4570d ago

Not to be rude but dont take info from one chain in one area of one country and act like thats some kind of proof.

Lifendz4570d ago That's not going to happen. Most people who are looking to buy GTA IV will know enough to know it's no longer exclusive to PS3. In fact, that news is so old I'd argue that almost everyone looking to buy the game knows it's out for 360.

As far as not knowing, there's a real easy way to solve that problem: advertising. Yeah, advertising. You know how Assasin's Creed commercials ended with PS3 logo? Same thing with COD4. Guess what...both sold more on 360. Shows that people know more than just what TV tells them so the consumer is actually very aware of what comes out for what.

Sony can counter the GTA IV effect (people buying a 360 to play it just cause it's cheaper) if Metal Gear Solid 4 is out by then. If not, then people are going to buy a 360 to play GTA IV because it's cheaper.

Stop with the whole "people believe it's a PS3 only game". That's ridiculous.

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Genki4571d ago

Why does it matter? They both have ample install bases, both have a diverse and plentiful library of games, and the networks take a different approach and will cater to different audiences.

I've come to realize that these two consoles are different enough to where they don't really need to overtake one or the other. Who gives a sh*t, really, what effect does it have on anyone?

TANOD4571d ago

If SONY doesnt win then in a range of 10 years we would be having consoles which are barely powerful than predecessors

eg Wii ---some say it is fun BUT LATER FIND out that it boring and a RIP OFF

Atleast PS3 and even X360 provides you with NEXT GEN ENTERTAINMENT

xplosneer4571d ago

Agreed, as long as they both have enough base to take notice, then they will be used. Because they are so close, most will dev for both, since Wii is just...well Wii.

FunnyBone4571d ago

Are The Silly Fanboys...If you have both systems then there is nothing to worry about..

Your only hurting yourself by defending one side or the other..

Vespertine4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

I agree Genki.

Bubble for you.

BWS19824571d ago

isn't intent on being next gen per se the way the others are, it's install base and success show it's intent on being, well, Wii. IMO Nintendo probably is only disappointed in 3rd party support, but completely content with everything else as it's played out. I believe that if it wanted, Nintendo could put out a killer system as far as tech is concerned....perhaps it will in the next gen, maybe not...

Wii60PS3DSPSP4571d ago

"Atleast PS3 and even X360 provides you with NEXT GEN ENTERTAINMENT"

Good going TANOD, by bashing the Wii you just supported the 360 the thing you hate most calling it "Next Gen". I guess you don't hate the 360 like you make us think you do. Well what do you have to say about that? Oh wait no more bubbles... I guess you can get one of your old accounts or make a new one like you have been doing.

TheHater4571d ago

I agree dude.
For my 360 I will be getting my Ninja Gaiden 2 and Fable 2.
For my PS3 I will be getting MGS4, Killzone 2, LBP, Infamous, Tekken 5, Resistance 2(if it comes out this year), Haze, Final Fantasy XIII, White Knight Story, The Agency, The Getaway, Socom, Wardevil, and Wipeout.

For either 360 or PS3, I will be getting SCIV, Army of Two, NBA 2k9, GTA IV, and Burnout.

That is just to name a few of the games I will be getting.

Daishi4571d ago

Bubble for Vespertine for your pic ;p

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name4571d ago

Well, i'd prefer Sony to win so we can have variety in our games. I don't have anything against the other console, but we tend to see nothing but shooters when it's what developers are focusing on. I buy a lot of games, but I refuse to buy games that play exactly the same as eachother all the time.

RadientFlux4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

I disagree I find that alot of sony fans mistake variety with gaming preference. I agree that there has been alot of FPS released in the past few months but this is true for both the PS3 and x360.

For someone that has grown up playing video games when Nintendo had an monopoly on console gaming. I hope there isn't one overwhelming winner this console war. That way everyone is happy and games will be released to support everyones taste.

@mazirjones : FPS or shooters doesn't really change what I am saying about some peoples delusion on variety. Going by same logic I can say that 88% percent of PS2 game library are slashers, just because the main character uses a sword (ie FFX, Dynasty Warriors).

Yet most gamers with a brain know that there is a big difference in game play between FFX and Dynasty Warriors.

mazirjones4571d ago

Notice how name said shooters, not fps

Sez 4570d ago

why do some people use the excuse that all 360 has is shooters. and that they play exactly the same. but get hype over FF1-75 and act like they not. all they do is change the story and the people in the game. everything else is the same or have minor changes.
all shooters play the same.
all rpg play the same.
stop being onesided.and acting like games on the ps3 ain't a rehash with inproved graphic.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

um compare Final Fantasy to something like Star Ocean.

"all rpgs play the same (alike)" -no, just, no.

"All shooters play the same (alike)"- No they don't.

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Bill Gates4571d ago


Yes it can, and it WILL.