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ThoseGamingNerds writes: "Journey is the latest game from thatgamecompany, the minds behind Flow and Flower. Their games have struck a unique chord with gamers. Rather than rely on deep gameplay or story, their games tend to be deceptively simple. They are experiences, works of art in motion that demand your attention. Journey is the culmination of their past work and is easily one of the most memorable games you will ever play."

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bobrea2388d ago

Great game, I just wish it was longer.

NewMonday2388d ago

just finished it last night, great journey indeed.

developers can learn from it how to make an environment feel real and immersive

banjadude2388d ago

While every part of the game is very unique and engrossing, I LOVE the sand-surfing stage, especially when you get towards the end and the camera angle shifts. I can't say more, without spoiling, but it's gorgeous!

NewMonday2388d ago

has many lovely things, one of my favorite is how 2 travelers stay close together to keep warm in the snow