How to Get Sony’s PlayMemories Studio at No Cost

The newest application for the PS3 system is here, and chances are you’ve already downloaded the 30-day trial. Great stuff indeed, but $15 is a lot of PS loot. Why not get it for free, on behalf of Sony themselves?

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doctorstrange2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Talk about misleading, was hoping to get this free

yesmynameissumo2480d ago

Aren't you a PS+ member? It's free to us.

doctorstrange2480d ago

But my budget's tight, so I'm holding off until there's something I really, really want to get

SockeyBoy2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

its funny because we pay for PS+ and we say that we get stuff for free haha.

SilentNegotiator2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )


Hey, for $50, if they want to give me hundreds of dollars worth of content for no additional cost....I start calling that "free"

PS+ paid off for me in like, 2 months, and just kept giving me content I was interested in. Free content.

MmaFan-Qc2479d ago

my 50$ paid itself a long time ago with all the stuff i got from PS+, and at this point if you still doesnt have a clue how it work....then you are obviously clueless..

killcycle2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

@ silentnegotiator
That free content is not ours to keep for ever. the moment we unsubscribe we lose access to it all (excluding discounted stuff and dlc.
Bare that in mind

GrandTheftZamboni2479d ago


You're right. On top of PS+, we have to pay couple of hundreds for the console. Don't even get me started on how much I paid for the TV.


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Denethor_II2480d ago

I just got Resi 2 and 3 from plus.

ziggurcat2480d ago

it was free for PS+ members, so you don't have to buy an expensive camera to get it...

Smashbro292480d ago

I'm pretty unsure what it does.

MySwordIsHeavenly2480d ago

You can edit photos and videos with it. Surprisingly, it's pretty in-depth. :) I love it! You can edit 3D films with it, also.

Smashbro292480d ago

I can't find the video part though.

Soldierone2480d ago

For someone like me that already has Photoshop and in depth movie software on a PC, is it still worth bothering with it?

MySwordIsHeavenly2480d ago

@Smashbro29 - The video part should be on there. Add one of the sample the tropical fish swimming. You can edit that from there.

@Soldierone - Honestly, it's fun because it's so easy to do things, especially if you have an Eye hooked up. It's not as in-depth as some movie software on PC, obviously, but it's still pretty good. Don't expect Vegas Studio or Power Director.

Soldierone2480d ago

Thanks for the details!

I was mostly wondering if its just a simplistic app like the one for when Eye Toy released. Not sure what its called, but it lets you edit and save videos using the Eye. It was fun to play with for about 10 minutes, haven't touched it since lol

GrandTheftZamboni2479d ago

Slightly off topic, but after few years I just realized that PS3 video player can go forward and backward one frame at the time. For some reason, not many players even on PC can do that, regardless of how trivial that may look.

MySwordIsHeavenly2479d ago

@Soldierone - Oh, no. That one was incredibly basic. It WAS fun to do some stop-motion videos though. :)

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catfrog2480d ago

i got it, but ill probably never use it. funny how things like that work. got it with ps+ ... maybe sometime in the future ill edit a movie... maybe

WitWolfy2480d ago

IS this region locked??? Because I've never seen it on the South African PSN store.

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