Steam Will Influence Next Gen Consoles (

The recent uproar comes from Gamestop as both Microsoft and Sony have stated they do not plan on allowing the use of preowned games on the systems. This would mean Gamestop would basically go under as they make their money off of used products. On the other end up the spectrum, developers make no profit off of used games. Basically, if this were to go down, the customer loses, again.

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MultiConsoleGamer2390d ago

Steam will be on next gen consoles.

Saryk2390d ago

Man I hope you are right!

limewax2390d ago

Doubtful. Very doubtful. Way I see it, most games on steam are roughly $20 cheaper than their digital download counterpart on consoles.

Why would any of the big three want to sell games for less while simultaneously paying a share of it back to Valve. It's just unnecessary on their part.

Plus all 3 have the funds to just create their own new network that operates similarly to Steam. They aren't just going to want to throw money away for no reason

Dlacy13g2390d ago

Lets hope it does impact the next gen consoles.

KeiserSosay47882390d ago

Acceptable prices, sales twice a week, and huge price drops? Not gonna happen.

Saryk2390d ago

I hope you're wrong, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

KeiserSosay47882389d ago

Just look at how expensive Games on Demand are, comparatively speaking to Steam. Even if used games ceased to exist do you really think that Microsoft or Sony would lower prices accordingly? No way! They would leave them the same and make even more money!

Saladfax2390d ago

I can't imagine Sony and Microsoft would ignore the most successful (by a pretty wide margin) digital distribution platform when crafting their own ideas.

Then again, there's also a tendency for profit-minded companies to balk at the notion of 50-75% sale pricing, but the proof comes back in the massive increase in bought copies.

It's not even that complicated of a formula: ease of use, large catalogue, good prices, good customer service.

GraySnake2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

so where was it stated that the both are not going to support used games?

Farsendor12389d ago

just rumors at this point but everyone believe sony and ms are wanting to destroy the used market.