PSU WWE SmackDown! Vs Raw 2008 Review

WWE SmackDown! Vs Raw features hardly any improvement from last years title and with fault after fault, the game, if anything, is a step backwards in terms of development.


* + Plethora of match types
* + Big roster


* - Horrible collision detection
* - Too many loading screens
* - Not proportionately accurate

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unsunghero284033d ago

I wonder if this will make a record for longest time without a single report or approval...

I guess people just really don't care.

Fluffy2Duffy4033d ago

I kinda like this game even i don't play it alot, what nice is the roster is big but it's getting bored after a while. The caracter looks good, it wont last months of playing, the best thing of all is when u have a mate coming over to play to get some revenge on him!! Oh for me the best WRESTLING game is Wrestlemania on SEGA!!.....

Jamegohanssj54033d ago

This game is horrible and I hope we don't get another one until NIvember 2009.

belal4033d ago

i got the game only for the online play :P thats the best thing about the game !

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