What If The PS4 And Xbox 720 Launched On The Same Day?

There's some evidence that points towards the new PlayStation and Xbox launching at about the same time. But what if they actually hit stores on the same day?

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Jio2485d ago

Then...I'd buy them?

Relientk772485d ago

That would really be insane lol. I wonder which will launch first. I'm assuming they will launch in the same month?

gtxgamer22485d ago

I can just imagine the huge lines coming out of gamestop/EB games

Majin-vegeta2485d ago

I would get my PS4.

Can you guys imagine a brawl breaks out somewhere over the consoles:o??

gypsygib2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

It would be an unprecedented event with massive riots in Bestbuy, Walmart and Gamestop.

Imagine a massive exodus internet trolls coming out of their caves meeting face to face with opposing fanboys on the same day in the same places saying what they say in comments but in REAL LIFE!!!!

Imagine the violence in the overnight lines as trolls flagrantly hurl insensitive insults and violent threats with reckless disregard to any sense of human decency BUT to a persons FACE!!!!!

Two legions of opposing fanboys can't exist in the same space and time without violent chaos ensuing. Seriously, it's scientifically impossible.

They'd need to hire police.

vortis2485d ago


I nearly tipped over laughing....

Fat fanboys and skinny fanboys from the Microsoft and Sony camp meeting face-to-face...if the hideous appearances don't scare each other off (real-life trollface?) I imagine the inhuman body odor will.

kreate2484d ago

Ps3 fanboys will lose cuz most retailers especially gamestop carries xbox fanboys as their employees.

Venjense2484d ago

ROFL gypsygib

Bubble for being funny

I can just imagine every purchase being met with vocal ridicules, jeering and mockery.

All you'd here when you walk in the store are people insulting each other, it would be hilarious.

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The story is too old to be commented.