Saddest Sight in the World: HD DVD Sponsored Bags at CES


Oh, poor HD DVD. Toshiba pays big bucks to stamp its name and the HD DVD logo on every journo bag they hand out at CES. But Warner's bitchslap has sent them home to cut their wrists and cry in the corner, so they're not even here! Yep, the HD DVD Group has shitcanned their conference. Just how did we get to this sad state of affairs? Let's review.

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resistance1004032d ago

How gutted must the CEO of Toshiba be feeling right now

doshey4032d ago

idk he could be feeling more like a jacka$$

unsunghero284032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I bet he's sitting in his office right now with his head in his hands.

Also, those violin players from the Titanic are playing for him.

"Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight."

CrazzyMan4032d ago

If they wanted atleast NOT lose this HD war, they should add HD DVD to x360 in late 2005.
Of`course, that would cost them around 150-200$ for every x360(or maybe more, PS3 cost 600$ by the end 2006, so by the end 2005 the price of hd dvd would be probably even more). They would of`course lose around 1,6-2 bln. $(!), but atleast, that would make Sony to go neutral.
They didn`t wanted(or just couldn`t) to RISK with such money, and they lost.

""I remeber reading a Kaz interview in which he stated that at Sony they generally take more risk that competition. He mentioned that for the PS3 they would not just go down to a computer store and just slap together existing computer components to make their console. They would instead develop something new and innovative that will make their customers go "Wow" although it is alot more risky but they will do it.Innovation is their core. Glad its working for them.""

Sony risk, and they win, Toshiba not, and they lose.
But of`course losing 2 bln. $ with not having 100% of confidence is a LOT.

TANOD4032d ago

sometimes you are just too much provoking LOL

calm it down CHAMP

Bathyj4032d ago

All due respect to Toshiba. At least they had a shot. They tried and they failed.

The person who should really be kicking their own arse and feeling dumb is the head of Paramount.

Hey at least with Warner gone Paramount and Universal get a bigger piece of the HDDVD pie. Now, whats 50% of fukall?

IntelligentAj4032d ago

Unsung hero that was friggin funny!!! Bubbles!!!

mikeslemonade4032d ago

The blu-ray association should hand out blu-ray logo stickers and a have sign showing to put the sticker over the HD-DVD logo on the back pack.

Phaqutomb4032d ago

Toshiba wins and loses
they helped develop the cell processor with IBM and Sony. They have there hand in all the pockets so win or lose they still get money.

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Kugar774032d ago

i kinda feel bad for them, poor guys

Brian52474032d ago

Toshiba makes all sorts of electronics, its not the end of the world for them.

socomnick4032d ago

Well I dont really care for either Hd-dvd or Blueray but its not quite over yet guys this thing can drag on for an even longer while.

I just find it a bit hilarious that the ps3 fanboys are jumping on the blueray bandwagon since the Playstation's 3 side isn't looking so great.

resistance1004032d ago

Blu-ray was one of the main reasons why early adopters (including myself) brought a PS3.

I'd admit i probally spent more time browsing net, watching HD films listing to music on my Ps3, than playing games on my PS3/360 (however 08 may change that)

Its not a case of us supporting it now, its a case of us supporting before we even brought a ps3 and gald our investments (mine came at a £425 ($855)) have paid off

socomnick4032d ago

Resistance dude wow if only you would have waited a little bit you might not of have wasted that much money 855 dollars wow.

resistance1004032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

£425 is a bargin for what i paid for

at the time the cheapest blu-ray player was £599 ($1206), my PS2 had finally died on my after 7 years, and so on.

Sure it was cheaper a few months down the line, but in my eyes i got deal of the decade

Still i really shouldn't use dollors as $855 to you seems a heck of a lot more expensive than it does to me (due to Uk's economy and higher wages etc)

Karebear4032d ago

Hehehe. Paid a grand on ebay to have one shipped to me from opening day.

My ps2 had been dead a few months and I was itching to get at the multimedia stuff the ps3 can do.

I haven't regretted it a bit, so I guess that just proves you pay what the value of something is to you right?

12 games and about 35 BRDs later, and I'm still loving it.

Imallvol74032d ago

what an ignorant comment. think anything you want, but 2008 is poised to be sony's for the taking. And everyone is acknowledging that.

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Heaven_Or_Hell4032d ago

I feel bad for them, they were trying and trying for nothing...

Bladestar4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

actually that's what business is all about... right about now Sony fanboys are dancing an happy and treating as sony as a god... also thinking that HD DVD never had a chance.. but the only way to know if something will work is by trying... nothing was defined... this time around it was not about which technology was best or which one endup being the best for the consumer... if HD DVD technology would own by Sony and blu-ray by toshiba things would be exactly as they are today.... it's all about strategy and it seems as Sony had the uperhand and best cards which seems to be leading them to victory over HD DVD... You win some you lose some... just like Sony lost UMD, MiniDisc, betamax and others... yet they tried. why? business is not certain...

Toshiba didn't waste their time... nothing in business is a waste... new experience, research groups, contacts and relationships usually come out of these business transactions... I'm sure toshiba have some strong relationships out of this and big friends like Intel and Microsoft which can lead to the join creation of other products like xbox 720 or some processor with intel... also, concidering the lead that SOny have in the movie market this was a close one for Sony... if warner would have shift the other way.. blu-ray would be the one dying... not bad for just a hardware manufacturer... but bottom line... it's not the firt time some venture fails in big corporations (ask Sony they know)... and the only way to find out if something will work or not.. is trying... so, don't feel bad for them... feel bad for those that don't try... losers are those that don't try... don't worry Toshiba will not run out of money.

CrazzyMan4032d ago

sony would always have atleast 30% exclusive of market share.
2) noone could ignore 15-20 mln. ps3 every year since 2008.
3) sony also could easy pay to some studios.

Best case scenario for Sony - winning HD war.
Worst case scenario for Sony - they go neutral.

Best case scenario for Toshiba - sony go neutral.
Worst case scenario for Toshiba - they lose HD war.

Jdash244032d ago

saddest sight in the world? really? im pretty sure there are sadder sights