A Complete List of Sony-Owned PlayStation Devs

IGN: Find out why the PlayStation brand is the home of the most exclusive content.

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yewles12485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

"The thing is, Polyphony lost some clout with Gran Turismo 5, not due to the game's quality but because it was heavily-delayed and took forever to come out."

The flip-flopping in the media is disgusting.... anyone remember "a 10/10 sim in a 5/10 game"?

360GamerFG2485d ago

They gave the game 8.5, so what are you crying about?

lover20122484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

damn that's a long list in 4 pages
that's why i love sony
they are as the article headline say :
"the PlayStation brand is the home of the most exclusive content"

i wonder how many pages will it take to count MS exclusives ???

Disccordia2484d ago

Microsoft actually now own two studios more than Sony after the closures of bigbig and zipper. half of them are new and wont produce any games until next gen though so they're hardly prestigious but they are quietly expanding in this area.

before somebody points out one is a kinect studio and theeefore doesn't count somehow (?!) may I point out sonys largest studio SCE London as being exclusively casual shovelware this gen.

izumo_lee2484d ago

"The thing is, Polyphony lost some clout with Gran Turismo 5, not due to the game's quality but because it was heavily-delayed and took forever to come out."

Yes it took forever to come out but the game was only delayed 'ONCE' due to the bluray production issue before the games release. How can a game be heavily delayed when there was NO release date mentioned until E3 2010?!

And the 10/10 sim in a 5/10 game was a joke of a description. Gran Turismo IS a sim just like Microsoft Flight Simulator is a sim but we don't call Flight Simulator a game do we.

GT5 was a great addition to the franchise that was probably the most 'nitpicked' game to be released ever.

"SCE Japan has lost a great deal of stock with players as of late due to its inability to release The Last Guardian in particular"

This statement makes me worried that when the Last Guardian does get released it will be subject to the same 'criticism' that plagued GT5....even if it is a work of art.

STARS2484d ago

Sony's quality first-party studios have them in great position moving forward into next generation. If they keep their focus on making quality first-party titles instead of seemingly solely catering to the millions of casual gamers out there, their future consoles and games will always have a place in my home.

CLOUD19832484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

SONY might own a lot of first-part studio and have the most exclusive games "but" for me personally this tells nothing, the reason? because I buy a PS3 to play JRPGs how can I be happy when my favorite JRPG devs make games for 360 and Wii.. Sagakuchi didn't develop a single game for the PS3 he make his next 3 games after left SE & create his own company for 360 & Wii, & Takahashi make Xenoblade one of the best if not the best JRPG this generation as every1 say for Wii, so what we have on PS3?

I dont care about WRPG & dont any1 mention Valkyria Chronicles or Disgaea those r Strategy RPG or Demon Souls/Dark Souls those games r not a JRPG, where is my old favorite franchises? where is Suikoden? where is Breath of Fire? where is Wild Arms? where is Grandia? where is Legend of Dragoon (SONY WAKE UP!) ? where is Legaia? where is Chrono Cross/Trigger? WHERE???

The one and only true traditional JRPG that comes in my mind for PS3 is not even out yet and that's "Ni no Kuni", PS3 is out for 6 whole years and I dint play a game I can say that this was the reason I buy my PS3, at least I play MGS4 & UC 1,2 but still as I say already JRPG was the reason I buy a PS3 because I was sure that this will be the console for JRPG fans exactly how it was with PS1,2 where I play & finish countless games.

This generation suck for JRPG fans especially those with only a PS3 and especially if u live out of JPN, that's a fact and it's really sad my disappointment will never end.

Vino2484d ago

I love jrpg but productiion costs for them are expensive nowadays and japanese games are taking really long to make as well, unless a game is a commercial success where they get money back on the rpg or end up losing money on rpgs it could risk hurting the company as a whole.

Persistantthug2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

but I remember some last year.... Atelier Rorona and Hyper dimension Neptunia, and another Atelier Rorona game in 2010.

Recently Tales Of Graces F just launched, and I've heard some JRPG fans say it was good.

So, how come you're not interested in any of those?

(btw.... VALKYRIA CHRONICLES was awesome...even if it was a strategy game)

izumo_lee2484d ago

I am a huge jrpg fan but cause this gen is so focused on FPS & western devs dominating game production the jrpg genre has significantly weakened since its heyday during the PS1 & PS2 days.

It reminds me prior to the release of FF 7 the way jrpgs are right now. Even though we got great games like Secret of Mana & FF 4/6 the genre was not significant in the game industry. It may take another 'Final Fantasy 7' type game that had the same impact as that game to put jrpgs on the forefront again.

Unfortunately japanese devs are so enamored in trying to cater to what we want in the west that they have forgotten what made them so successful in the past. If jrpgs are as big as they were in the past i have no doubts that Sony & other jrpgs devs will make new games in popular franchises & release them over here.

It should not have taken online petitions or fan outcry to bring games over here in the west like they did with Xenoblade, Last Story & Tales of Graces F.

Man how times have changed for the worst for us fans of jrpgs....

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