OWNT: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Preview - Part One

Josh from writes, "Unless you're one of those extremely elitist (see also: "passionate"), strictly-PC gamers and/or a fan of European sci-fi/fantasy books, you may very well be relatively unaware of The Witcher franchises origins. The fact that you surely haven't LIVED if this is the case aside, we must do everything possible to educate ourselves about the original canon in order to truly understand what this increasingly popular transmedia series is all about. Seriously, just trust me on this one, okay?"

"The Witcher was originally the title of a collection of fantasy-themed short and novella-length stories written by Polish sci-fi-fantasy-writer-extraord inaire Andrzej Sapkowski. They centered around mythical beast hunter and all-around frigging BAD-ASS, Geralt of Rivia, essentially documenting his incredibly entertaining and super-refreshing exploits in both the aforementioned mythical monster hunting as well as semi-immortal lady-wooing. Among everything else you coul...

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