Surfer Girl - Disaster: Ubisoft and the Kingdom of Delayed Product

Surfer Girl reveals why Lost, the next Splinter Cell game, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Far Cry 2 got delayed.

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gamesR4fun5125d ago (Edited 5125d ago )

2 funny nice to see Sony has some standards tho hard to believe given some of the major flops on the ps2....
Was really looking forward to far cry 2 tho I knew I wouldn't have the box to run it.. Looks like no one does now lol.

unsunghero285125d ago

If all that is true, there are going to be some seriously disappointed gamers.

jack who5125d ago

so her so call reason for all this game been delayed is cuzz of been terrible not includein good gameplay...this is dumb

gamesR4fun5125d ago

she's been pretty much right about eerything so far...
still hurts to hear about Far cry2 but the demo they showed did look too good to be true.

jack who5125d ago

you mind telling / showing me what she been right on?

Lumbo5125d ago

She has been about the same level of "right" as any fake fair fortuneteller. "She" keeps her predictions vague enough that some of the more easily manipulated folks pull the random "right" parts out of her "predictions" and believe her.

Yes an insider that is in EVERY single games company around the globe with "internal knowlege" about every single project. Why not call her Nostradamus instead.

Statix5124d ago (Edited 5124d ago )

Surfer Girl has been right on Far Cry 2 for PS3/360, Double Fine's next game (Brutal Legend), legitimate pre-alpha screenshots of Prince of Persia and Resistance, and probably more...

Regardless, she may very well be posting negative stuff about Ubisoft and smearing their games, because they burned a bridge with her by not supplying her with anymore inside intel/information.

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Jdash245125d ago

man......i was looking forward to the console version of farcry 2

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The story is too old to be commented.