Why Mass Effect 2 Was My Favorite Mass Effect

Kotaku - When all is said and done, I'd say that Mass Effect 2 was my favorite of the three Mass Effect games. It wasn't so much the story, the characters, or the gameplay that put it over the top—it was the TV show-like structure.

More than the games that preceded and followed it, Mass Effect 2 felt like playing a season of a really good Sci-Fi TV show. And that, as it turned out, was just fine by me.

Now, don't get me wrong: I liked all three Mass Effect games. I loved the first game's austere vibe and its fantastic soundtrack, as well as that exciting feeling of discovery. I thought Mass Effect 3 was a damned impressive finale, a breathless, high-stakes rush that, some unevenness aside, made for a fine blowout for the trilogy.

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zeal0us2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I prefer ME1 sure it became repetitive but it was a well balance between rpg elements and third-person shooter elements. ME1 you had more variety(armor,guns and etc).

When I played ME2 I felt like Bioware gave the game to Epic and Bioware just add a few rpg elements. The balance shifted heavily towards the TPS-side. Don't get me wrong the ME2 was still a great game.

ME3 was an improvement it brought back some of the element present in ME1. Only downside there was some plot holes/things that didn't get answer and not to mention the ending.

vikingland12390d ago

I don't have a favorite now that all 3 are out. I think of it as 1 big awsome game/story.

wedgie2390d ago

If I had to rate it, I would go ME1, then 3, then 2. For the "TV show" like structure that he prefers, I disliked it. It only felt like a laundry list of random character collection, and I felt added little to the overall goal of attacking and getting at the Reapers and Collectors.

greatcrusader442390d ago

Me1 is my fav by far, followed by me3 then me2. Went into me1 without any expectations other than it's made by the same people who made KotOR, and was completely engrossed in the story and lore, def had it's faults but none bothered me. Me2 disappointed me for it not feeling as big as me1, and the fact I spoiled the majority of the game with all the media coverage (my fault for scraping for any detail I could find on it pre-release). Me3 was top notch except for the ending.

49erguy2390d ago

I liked the crew in 2 the best without a doubt.

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