Gran Turismo: Games so real the best of drivers take them seriously

In this article about Gran Turismo, The Japan Times Online reports that advancing technology in the video game series significantly blurs the line between virtual and real-world driving, and today's auto racing champions can quickly and safely practice laps on the PlayStation and television screens. Reigning World Rally champion Frenchman Sebastien Loeb said that every real-world professional drivers he knows (including himself) uses Gran Turismo as a full-blown driving simulator for practice these days.

Gran Turismo can also help a normal driver make a smooth transition from the virtual race to the real one. In his first real auto race, the video game series creator Kazunori Yamauchi (who had never joined a real race before) was clocking the same times as seasoned race drivers; Yamauchi already had plenty of practice on Gran Turismo.

[ By Peter Lyon, Sunday, Jan. 6, 2008 ]

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rofldings4034d ago


Btw, does anyone know if famitsu ever came out with a real score for GT5: Prologue?

TheTwelve4034d ago

I learned most of what I learned about cars from Gran Turismo, the original. It taught me so much. So this comes as no surprise.

Anybody notice how Kazanori Yamauchi is appearing EVERYWHERE now?


mullet4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )


If you disagree, you're an idiot in denial that owns a 360.

jessupj4033d ago

Well that's 6 idiots in denial so far.

Please tell us which is better than gt....

LinuxGuru4034d ago


Makes people who say video games have no relevance in real life look like fools.

Gaara_7244034d ago

and it makes jack thompson look like god lol

socomnick4034d ago

They should try Forza 2 the level of customization is immense.

RonDeMuerte4034d ago

Forza 2 looks like a fantasy game next to Gran Turismo....

Rai4034d ago

they dont care about customizing, to them its about the realism of the race.

cmrbe4034d ago

They we referring to realism not customization

rofldings4034d ago

Immense? like putting a 'hello kitty' sig on your car's hood?

GT has real customization, that effects the performance of your car.

Gondee4034d ago

thats what he was talking about, Forza many combnations of upgrades to the car.

I tend to lean towrd the feel of Forza more than GT. but GT looks so amazing. If only there were a way to combine the two. =)

"when this baby hits 88 mph were gona see some sh!t"

Damphear4033d ago

that is a GAME. Gran Turismo as a full-blown driving SIMULATOR

now dont blend the two.

you cant compare a turd to a diamond.


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name4034d ago

Who here has a wheel? I bought a porche wheel. =D Logitech can kiss my ass.

EastCoastSB4034d ago

I will definitely be buying a wheel for this one.

GIJeff4034d ago

the logitech and it owns. Its too good for the likes of you i guess...

TheTwelve4034d ago

Don't have the extra money for it yet but I really want that one.


Damphear4033d ago

head over to a frys if you have one in your town. they sell open boxes of DFP for under 100 bucks.

you have to get one man you just have to

The_Engineer4033d ago

the driving force pro is a pretty sweet wheel, it was designed especially for the GT series.

TheExecutive4033d ago

anyone got a link to compare prices? I am going to need to get a wheel... whats a good one?

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