Wii U launch date set for November 18, 2012: Report

FanCensus says: "The Nintendo Wii U launches in the US on Sunday 18th November, according to a leaked internal email from a leading Japanese retailer."

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RedDead2390d ago

2 Days before my birthday :)

...still not getting it

ChickeyCantor2390d ago

Not sure what you were expecting. But this is not youtube where they thumb you up because anonymous people care for your birthday.

Ghost2502390d ago

man........................... .... fuck your birthday.

nah im just joking with you man lol

yabhero2390d ago

2 days before your birthday...
Still missing out

That's what I read

MrMister2390d ago

Yep. he's missing out on an oversized I-pad looking controller, current gen graphics in an age when NEXT gen consoles are around the corner, and an up and coming Nintendo network that has yet to prove itself. Yeah, I don't think he's missing out on anything.

cloud4952390d ago

Placeholder date?
But I guess the release would be around that time.

Ghost2502390d ago

this is coming out in 2013 i just don't see the wii u releasing this year especially with nintendo relaunching the wii u at e32012.

yabhero2390d ago

They already announced they would release b4 years end.

r212390d ago

sounds reasonable. hopefully some wii u gameplay will be shown before the release date, i'd really like to see how that screened controller will work for all their games.

dirthurts2390d ago

This close to release, and still no actual game footage?
Hmmm. Not sure what to think of that one.

ozstar2390d ago

Zelda demo and Chase Mii

dirthurts2390d ago

Neither of which were running on finalized hardware...
I'll buy in once I see some games running on hardware.

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