Top 5 Video Game Releases of April 2012

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"The Xbox 360 gaming calendar for April 2012 is looking pretty sparse, especially compares to the packed February and March months we just had. Of the few games that are being released this month, there are still some high profile titles. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings makes its debut on the Xbox 360 this month, as does the Xbox 360 exclusive Kinect Star Wars. Prototype 2 is jumping into the mix as well, but even with these triple-A titles making appearances, April is looking pretty dry. Maybe that will make it easier to figure out what game you want to buy this month or maybe you'll just save your money and play Mass Effect 3 until May. The list of notable titles below should make your decision much simpler."

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LaurenKB1232391d ago

I'll be getting all 5.... throw Mortal Kombat for the VITA in there too (does it still release in April)?

UltimaEnder2391d ago

It's actually in May, for now - keeps getting delayed!

UltimaEnder2391d ago

Trials EVO is my top choice for this month...

Moncole2391d ago

April is a great month for xbox owners for gems like Witcher 2 and Trials

subtenko2391d ago

Looks like some nice titles to keep fans busy

Agree or Disagree if you agree :)

bebojet2390d ago

I see no games that interest me. At least I still have several games I haven't played yet.

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