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"Namco Bandai has taken a chance with Unbounded and it seems to have paid off. While it’s definitely not a true Ridge Racer game in the sense of its feel or look, it is still a solid arcade racer and one that hopefully Namco can take note on and build upon in the future."

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NeXXXuS2482d ago

I didn't know there was another ridge racer game out :O

limewax2482d ago

Just a warning, from what I have heard it threw away a lot of the Ridge Racer essence

NeXXXuS2482d ago

I guess I'll try it out first then :D

IRetrouk2482d ago

yeah its not really rr, its more like burnout meets split second, its actually really fun, just not rr sliding round every corner fun, if ya get what i mean

Raider692482d ago

Its actually better than former RR games!On this one you actually need to Master and get the grip on how to slide,because that can make the difference from winning or losing a race.I find this game a revamp the series needed.After learning to master the slide way the fun is much better than any previous RR game.

SKUD2482d ago

Forever Rage Racer and Type 4.


I'm really liking the look of the game unfortionatly I don't have enough free time to add in another title lol