When Did Gamers Become So Entitled?

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With gamers forming protests over the Mass Effect 3 endings, we here at PushStartSelect wonder when it was that gamers started feeling so entitled and why Bioware caving in is a bad thing for the industry.

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RedDead2481d ago

When companies started lying?

darklordzor2481d ago

Hmmm...But lying about what? Did they explicitly say what the ending of the game was going to be?

redDevil872481d ago

No, but they said the ending won't come down to a set of simple choices lol

Dante1122481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

*High fives redDevil* Exactly what I was about to say. But on topic, why is it so taboo for gamers to have opinions on games they didn't like or enjoy because of things devs changed? I never seen so many articles for journalist and critics telling gamers to stfu and take it.

AHall882481d ago

Have not played or followed the ME series?
Here's thread, that keeps getting locked, from the bioware social network that list some of the lies they told us.

darklordzor2481d ago

Okay that's valid, but what game companies don't? Seriously, they tell us things that they EXPECT to happen, and sometimes that's just not how it goes down during the production.

Take Peter Molyneux for example. Look at all the lies he's told, but did anyone petition or protest Fable because it wasn't what he said it would be?

VanillaBear2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )


Yeah but I think people didn't get there hopes up more with Fable 3 after Peter first lied about Fable 2

Least the guy has admitted he hypes up things too much and lies

Bioware would rather cover things up and pretend everything is alright.

Besides do you actually know why people are p*ssed off with the ending

Please watch the Shepard's Indoctrination video on Youtube if you havent and you will see how many plotholes there are

darklordzor2481d ago


The article doesn't say people don't have the right to voice their opinions (hell that's the whole purpose of the article itself). I bitch about stuff all the time. The point being made here is what's changed in the industry that gamers think it's right to demand stuff from the devs?

Nate-Dog2481d ago

darklordzor: Just because some people protest / have an issue with companies lying and others don't doesn't mean that either side is right or wrong because the other has acted or hasn't acted. If a company is advertising a product and states that it is supposed to have X quality and Y feature and that it is an integral part of it then I don't think people are wrong for questioning it not being there when the final product comes around. I do understand that things may change during production but a lot of the claims people are making against Bioware/EA are about not just what ME3 is but about what the whole series is about and how ME3 has sort of negated some of the main premises about it.

brish2481d ago


"The point being made here is what's changed in the industry that gamers think it's right to demand stuff from the devs?"
- darklordzor

"Experience the beginning, middle, and end of an emotional story unlike any other, where the decisions you make completely shape your experience and outcome."

Gamers just want what the game that Bioware said Mass Effect 3 was going to be. They bought the game and were rightly upset that they didn't get what they paid for.

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darklordzor2481d ago

I just hate the idea that we are owed something just because we bought it. What we're owed is the game we paid for, not the rights to change what we don't like.

CaptainMarvelQ82481d ago

they owe us as much as we,the fans invested in their product expecting good results,something to satisfy our needs.Especially the story,what's a game without a story? especially an RPG,and having all that time played deciding which choice,what consequence;I think people do deserve something good at the end.

AHall882481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

What we're owed is what they said would be in the game.
Of course they don't have to do anything, but then I think a lot of upset people won't be buying anything Bioware related again either.

It doesn't have to be a happy ending, just something that actually fits with the rest of the story and shows how our choices throughout the trilogy mattered.

Hell, the idea of changing an ending to a game isn't new. Bethesda saw people were upset with Fallout 3's ending and they fixed it, did that bring an end to all video game devs as we know it?

Soldierone2481d ago

Overall I think we are "owed" a good experience and gamers as a whole are just tired of not getting that. Complaining doesn't seem to be doing the trick anymore, so more people are going to greater lengths to get attention.

I think its true that you should "just not buy the game" but Mass Effect 3 already built the fanbase. Something like a flawed ending isn't found till after you buy it. They already had 2 stellar games so the fans were trusting this next one would be the same. When it isn't, you get a bunch of people that just spent 60 bucks on your game mad. Especially when they also bought all the previous DLC, games, and spent countless hours trying to achieve dramatically different endings. Plus lets face facts, there are tons of people that buy a game even when it sucks, so the true fans not buying it isn't going to do anything.

Simple, developers are getting lazy and need to stop and make better games. Then this won't/ wouldn't have happen(ed).

PooEgg2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )


"Simple, developers are getting lazy and need to stop and make better games. Then this won't/ wouldn't have happen(ed)."

I also think that this ^ has become the real problem. The ending of Mass Effect 3 was really more like the straw that broke the gamers back. More than likely BioWare is feeling the brunt of many years of gamer disappointment much of which they brought on their self with their questionable DLC practices and their half-assed work on DA2 (which I actually liked a lot BTW, but you would have to be blind not to know it was a very flawed/rushed game).

For years gamers have been getting stuck with crappy/buggy games, since they cannot be returned. Not to mention that for every game that is actually worth the $60 asking price another 5 are too short, or too lackluster to deserve to charge that much. We buy into the hype that gaming website/magazines feed us by the bucket, and we foolishly run out and pre-order these games on trust alone, because if we don't pre-order we might end up missing out on something unique to the pre-order package. Just one more way that gaming companies have gamers by the balls.

It used to be that we could at least rely on the professional game reviewers to warn us early if a game was going to be a let down, but now many game reviewers have become pawns of the game companies and they cannot be trusted to give an honest impartial opinion. Instead game reviewers serve as mouth pieces to the big gaming companies. So which side are they going to take when the majority of ME3 game fans stand up and demand change, well of course they are going to side with EA/BioWare and call us all a bunch of entitled crybabies. Just like they will side with the game companies on the issues of overpriced DLC and also on used games. Game reviewers are not on our side, they are on the side of the game companies and we need to keep that in mind.

I don't really care a whole lot if I see an new ME3 ending, because at this point I have no desire to replay the game, but one thing that I will take out of this whole mess is the knowledge that very few professional game reviewers actually have our backs. I will defiantly use that info in the future to decide which websites to visit and which magazines to subscribe to.

ShinraE52481d ago

We are entitled?

Let's see, do I agree with the competant arguments laid forth by places like FORBES saying we aren't entitled and some things are to be expected...or do I side with arguments from random gaming portals littered with mindless drones? Hmmm...

SnakeCQC2481d ago

ffs why does no one understand that when put easily over a hundred hours over 2 games and a multitude of dlc with multiple characters and many different decision you like to see count for something in the final game!

jeeves862481d ago

When you put time into a game, you're playing a game. You are essentially being entertained by a game for said amount of time. Over 100 hours being entertained by a game or a series (I've heard some people say more) is a pretty amazing feat for a developer.

Implying that you 'worked' while you essentially played gives off the impression that you're a whiny little self-entitled brat.

And the rest of the world...really could not care one way or the other. All they see are these people complaining about a game. I like Mass Effect, and I seriously want to play the last chapter of the story - but now with all of the commotion, why even fucking bother?

SnakeCQC2481d ago

the premise of the mass effect game is that its a sci fi game with choices that make a difference to the game i played 1 and 2 and really enjoyed them but heard that regardless of decisions the ending is the same for everyone so i haven't played part 3 yet. The aggressive dlc plans they had for the games told us that our choices were important and people paid crazy amounts for that extra choice that would echo out and they seemed really fascinating (kasumi memory box thing seemed really cool i chose to save the data and wanted to see what happened next) . The reason why people are so mad about the ending is because they are passionate about the series and felt robbed(I remember a friend saying bioware would mess up the me series after he played da:o and then da 2) so yes the creators got pretty rich and rushed the ending which was a massive letdown to many people

jeeves862481d ago

I know 'why' people are angry, but the statement 'I put in over 100 hours to this game' is very off-putting.

It sounds as if you feel that you've been working, when in essence - you've played a game for over 100 hours. And as I said in the initial comment, that's pretty impressive for a game to keep you entertained for that long. Obviously you liked the game, because you kept playing it and you care about how it ends.

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