Nerd Rage- Episode 60- Drunkenness, Dubstep, and Automobiles

Join Fultzie, Ben, and Wolfie as they discuss reason why you shouldn’t get drunk as well as cover the latest in PC gaming news:

Assassin’s Creed III Pre-order and Special Editions
World of Darkness MMO Details
Good Old Games Relaunches
SimCity Requires Persistent Connection to EA’s Origin
Fall of Cybertron Release Date
World Cyber Games goes Mobile
Ken Levine Named in Time’s 100 for 2012
THQ Lays off 118 Employee’s, Warhammer MMO Suffers
Pay to Unlock Stuff in Battlefield 3?

The guys also discuss what they have been playing as they all relate their latest achievement grabbing pursuits in Killing Floor. Ben gives his preview of Gas Guzzlers:Combat Carnage, and talks of his love of harming plush toys in Snuggle Truck.

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