More New Pics Of Nvidia 9800GX2

More pics have trickled into the interwibble today showing off the card from different angles. Jump ahead to get a better view of this two chip monster!

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Voozi4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

And this two chip monster can be all yours for a monster price! ;-)

I miss the days of PC Gaming, but it got too expensive for me to keep up with XD

JohnCarpenter4034d ago

True. 4 cards which require a lot of space and energy. Not sure, if this is progress at last.

Samer3054034d ago

That card is so beastly. Man I bet that they still will not be able to beat crysis. Get ready to fork over an arm and a leg for one of these just imagine two of them.

DJ4034d ago

Looks like nVidia took some good nods from their work on the PS3.

BlackCountryBob4034d ago

I'm surprised that the card isn't packing a displayport connector. Nvidia are apparently big supporters of the new standard and its the kinda thing I would have expected the ultra hardcore PC gamers to wanna use, especially as the new Dell 30 inch screen is toting one.

Other than that, jesus that thing is huge, I'm surprised that there are cases (and motherboards, that must block some sockets) big enough to fit one into never mind 2 in SLI.

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