Nintendo DS to set sales record in December

If everything holds true, the Nintendo DS will set an industry sales record for most console/portable units sold in one month. Currently, the prediction market expects over 2.9 million units for the DS, compared to the current record holder of over 2.6 million units by the PS2 in December 2002, according to the monthly data released by The NPD Group.

The simExchange December 2007 Console Expectations

Xbox 360 ---------------------1.62M units
PLAYSTATION 3------------813K units
Wii-----------------------------1.82M units
Nintendo DS----------------2.92M units
PlayStation Portable-------995K units

Of course, before anyone questions these expectations, look at The simExchange's past results to predicting Hardware Units. It's pretty accurate.

Difference from Actuals

November ------- +6.41%
October --------- +.57%
September ----- +3.11%

So what does the N4G community think? Think the Nintendo DS can remain #1 in 2008? Who will likely knock them out and when? How long until the next Nintendo portable system? Interested in hearing the communities thoughts on Nintendo DS's success and future expectations.

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Agent VX4562d ago

As a hardcore gamer.............Who the F#$K cares!!!

But good news for Nintendo regardless.

Agent VX4562d ago

And BTW, the only reason why I am posting this, is because freaken XBOX Live is having a serious hiccup again, and can't get onto COD 4 multiplayer. This is getting freaken annoying......

bootsielon4562d ago

Because PS3, PSP and PS2 outsold 360 on a worldwide basis, each separately.

lockload4562d ago

"Xbox 360 ---------------------1.62M units
PLAYSTATION 3------------813K units "

So much for not being outsold 2 to 1

RecSpec4562d ago

This story goes from DS to PS3vs360. Someone just post the numbers by themselves as a story and let the PS3vs360 argument happen there.

The only thing that can dethrone the DS is whatever system Nintendo decides to replace it with. Plain and simple. That is amazing though. At the time no one would have thought that mark set by the PS2 to be broken.

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