Rovio confirms Angry Birds mobile animation series

BBC - "Angry Birds is to be turned into an animated series, game designers Rovio have confirmed.

The successful smartphone app will be made into 52 short episodes that will be released on "all possible platforms"."

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Moncole2443d ago

They should sell cookies because I like cookies with my milk

LightSamus2443d ago

April Foo- Oh wait, they're serious...

maelstromb2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Does anybody really pay attention to all of this Angry Birds stuff? I feel like I see more AB news, ads, new editions, etc. than I ever saw surrounding Guitar Hero - and we all know just how much Activision pounded that franchise into the ground with release after release.

To be fair though, I've played one of the AB games and I found it to be meh. Then again, I've played a bunch of other games JUST like it way before... So what is it that makes AB so special and such a fad these days? Just curious is all.

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