WRC 3 Announced – New Screenshots Released

In a recent press release Milestone has announced the confirmation of WRC 3. It is coming to Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, and PC this October. Below you can find a snippet of the press release. Along with this information came a few “work-in-progress” screenshots to showcase how the new engine is comparing to current gen racing games. So far it is looking pretty impresssive. Check them out below.

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Az1mov2392d ago

again it feels outdated, they should have known by now. :D come on guys WRC2 sold something like 160000 copies (all platforms); what are you expecting w/ this one now?

GamerSciz2392d ago

The screenshots look pretty good for being a work in progress. However they don't show any of the cars and to have it be released this October on 4 different gaming systems, one would expect them to be further along.

Jio2392d ago

Well, if you're looking for a good rally racing game that's not Dirt, WRC is the way to go.

Az1mov2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

@GamerSciz @Jio Yeah there isn't much of a choice for rally racing game enthusiasts. shame the late 90's trend is gone and the V rally's, Colin McRae and Rally Challenge w/ it.

GamerSciz2392d ago

@Az1 Don't forget about Sega Rally. It was awesome back in the day and they released a new version with impressive tech but it just didn't hold up to be next-gen quality.

Az1mov2392d ago

@GamerSciz Yes, I just forgot to mention this little one ;)

xtreampro2392d ago

Dam look at the trees, they're actually 3D and not some crappy 2D cut-outs. Not a single racing game or sim this gen has done this and it actually makes the environments more believable.

GamerSciz2392d ago

I was talking about Sega Rally Revo. Decent looking game and 3d trees it looks like in gameplay. The biggest/coolest feature was the track deformation in real-time. For some reason the game just wasn't that popular...

xtreampro2392d ago

Yeah I remember playing that at the start of this gen and being amazed at the real-time deformation.

Definitely was a fun game to play.

josephayal2392d ago

I just think driving in rally races is boring, but to be honest i love RALLY