Do Game Developers Have A Responsibility To Respect National Symbols? | GameBlurb

GameBlurb writes, "The latest Assassin’s Creed game is now airing television commercials and, much to the dismay of a Washington Post writer, is using “America the Beautiful as the background song…here is my take on her sensitivity."

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Gordo7892443d ago

The original article is kind of a joke. Read the old testament, God lays waste to basically everyone that gets in the way of his people. It's ridiculous. Sure, maybe the new testament is a little more touchy feely, but it's all a big storybook anyway. Who cares how flying spaghetti monster feels about shit that is actually real?

soundslike2443d ago Show
JBaby3432443d ago

He doesn't "lay waste" to them just because they are "in the way" as you say so that is not relevant to the article here or the one that is cited in it which speaks of violence solely for entertainment.

Also the Bible has been corroborated time and time again and is accepted as a historical reference in most universities now. More than a storybook.

@soundslike: Are you trying to sound like a redneck or something?

Gordo7892443d ago

Historical fiction still has to be based on history. Also, I think your claim that the bible has been corroborated and is accepted as a historical reference is just plain false. The burden of proof is on you, my friend.

jdfoster2443d ago

Totally irrelevant... And out of date way of thinking... (well I'm not too surprised...It;s America after all...)

catfrog2443d ago

no, business is business, if you think it will raise your stock, youre actually required by law to do it. as long as a company acts within the confines of the law, anything is fair game. religion? symbols? humanity? these are all just tools to the business world, a way to get your stock a tenth of a percent higher.