Pie Charts Show True Impact of Warner's Move


"With their collective tail between their legs, Toshiba and the HD-DVD Group must be devastated. It's easy to see why when the results of Warner's move is in the form of a delicious red and blue pie.

Tail between their legs, Toshiba have even canceled their event at the upcoming CES. Instead of standing strong, they appear to have already given up. And it's easy to see why when you look at a graph showing the estimated size and presence of Hollywood studios and where their fingers lie in the High-Def Pie."

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crazy250004030d ago

they used these charts in math class, i would have sooo paid attention :D

TANOD4030d ago

you could seek my help though especially in MATH

i am very good there

crazy250004030d ago

after a year of sh!t talking by the 360 and HD DVD people, i will approve all the non duplicate Blu Ray news nonstop

Blademask4030d ago

However, Its sad to see the ground fall from udner them so quickly (the xbots)

I mean hell even The Round Peg shows he has sense, I gained digital respect for him.. hehe..

Heres something fun to do:

Look Up bloodmask/firstknight/power of green/mesh1/themart on the 'members' page. They all stopped commenting on stuff and only post in the forums now, or their little pathetic attempts at bashing the ps3/sony are coming off.. really.really desperate.

Its called the BLURAY EFFECT.

marinelife94030d ago

It still kills me that just because some "unnamed inside internet source" says that Fox was going to go red people actually believe it. Another "unnamed inside internet source" says that Warner was offered 500 million. One of the two is lying and we'll find out easy enough during Warner's financials at the end of the quarter.

Blademask4030d ago

Its perfectly fine for the HD-DVD camp to do so. No one cared, everyone rejoiced.

Yet if the Bluray camp does it, there would be some issue? I'd really love for someone to explain what the problem is for one to do it and not the other.

Its just business as usual.

ROFLatYoFace4030d ago

Because they already make 8.4billion dollars off the movies, and with blu-ray costing more than dvds, they could make 4-5 more billions which is 8-10 times more then 500million wouldnt you say?

I think they were being honest when they said they were not bribed.

ravinash4029d ago

But now we are at the end, hopefully the other studios will go Blue soon so we can put all this behind us.
I glad BlueRay won.

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Hagaf224030d ago

i love the taste of BLU pie...

Quickstrike4030d ago

Blueberry bie FTW :D Cherry pie leaves a bad taste in my mouth :(

doshey4030d ago

that one red piece will destroy the pie we must save it

techie4030d ago

LOL there's real graphs at the link - it's not just that funny title pie!!! haha

doshey4030d ago

wow there is, omg i did not know there were 4 studios supporting hd dvd haha but that really show me something, hd dvd is done

resistance1004030d ago