Jimquistition: Changing A Game's Ending And Destroying Art

"Does changing the ending to a videogame destroy it as a creative endeavor? Does altering a videogame to cater to fan demand set interactive art back a decade? How much influence should an audience have over a creator, and are gamers entitled to their opinions? In this spoiler-free video, Jim Sterling tackles Mass Effect 3 for the final time. Yes, it's the FINAL time. No more. Finito. Done. Thank Christ."

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coolbeans2393d ago

Despite being glad to see another side of the argument, I'm not sure if I can agree with certain examples given. I believe 'Blade Runner Director's Cut' was essentially the "unabridged" version of the title, which doesn't have parts cut out by the movie execs of that time. On the other hand, Bioware has given us no inclination that their additions to the ending were cut by EA, but instead something entirely new.

Just my 2 cents :).