The Married Gamers: Rayman Origins Review (PS Vita)

David Chapman, of The Married Gamers, reviews Rayman Origins on the PS Vita. Does Ubisoft's mascot bring back the good ol' days of Rayman's adventures?

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Perjoss2389d ago

Funny how quite a powerful handheld has this game as its highest rated launch title. Rayman Origins being a 2d game that does not even come close to pushing the Vita in terms of graphics. It's still a fantastic game though, lovely animation.

TooTall192389d ago

This is the best platformer you can play on a handheld. The design, performance, and visuals are top-notch. There is a perfect balance of challenge without becoming frustrating.

Unexpecta2389d ago

Sure Rayman Origins is a pure example of gaming beauty, but it's nothing with the help of the PSVita's AMOLED.