MW3 Blackout Protest: Three Reasons Why It Will Fail Expectedly

Techtorial: The demands listed for MW3 Blackout are all for the benefit of players; however, going against a company as big as Activision might be a futile approach.

We listed three reasons why this cyber protest would only provide little to no effect with the previous decisions by the company and its developer.

Hint: The success of a protest is always about the number of its participants.

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SuperBeast8112443d ago ShowReplies(2)
Tai_Kaliso2443d ago

It will fail because the people that go to forums or read articles about it make up the MINORITY. There are millions of players on XBL on COD games.

geth1gh2443d ago

I've been participating since 11/8/11

Summons752443d ago

been refusing to purchase since world at war....wish more people would do that.

idesmond2443d ago

World at War was the last good one they made =(

MoFo11112443d ago

Every game since WAW has had serious balance issues , hacks , bugs , campers all over the place i couldnt stand it and gave it up after playing MW2 for a few months.Really enjoyed COD4 though.Played it a lot

ninjahunter2442d ago

The 1% isnt playing for a day, Dem kahunas.

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