Analysis: Do we need more choice?

One of the standout features of video gaming is its interactivity. But is the role of choice in gaming yet to be fully exploited? Press2Reset's Marcus Mac Dhonnagain explores the choices made in games.

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portugamer2392d ago

After playing mass effect 2, and soon, starting mass effect 3, I wish bioware could make a mass effect 4-5-6 on the ps4, with 10 possible answers for each question, instead of paragon/renegade only. While it would be hard to keep a track of everything, a good algorithm would make miracles. Players could go so deeply into the story, with the smallest things and choices affecting the whole game.
For example, on mass effect 2, you choose to have a drink.drinking could affect the way you aim, you would be shaking a little, or the zoom would be blurred, but the drink would make you stronger and move faster. This is just un example of what I want to see in the next RPG games, on our future consoles.

Details, details, choices.more choices. Even more.
A tolkien book has 1000 times more details than the 3 hour the fellowship of the ring.details.immersion.emotion .

I hope developers will go much further,when making great games like mass effect series. So I don't say 'this game is about a character..', but instead, 'this game is about me...'