Why Are We Not Bored of Mario?

Destructoid writes, "I enjoy Mario. I like Mario games. I'm just potentially getting bored of them. I also understand that Mario will never really go further than what it really is. Miyamoto has made a game for all ages in mind. All ages usually means markets its self to the more casual of gamers, who want that 3-hit kill boss and want that basic save the princess story line. They want simplicity, fun and it to be short."

"As gaming becomes more mainstream and gamers become more hardcore, can Mario still stand up in a sea of deep games with more than just mushrooms and stars to their look. Gaming is ultimately about fun, which Mario is. We all complain about games repeating the same thing. We all complain about franchises getting old. Why are we not complaining about Mario?"

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INehalemEXI4030d ago

Personaly, I been bored with mario for a long time. Except for SSBB and Mario Kart.

unsunghero284030d ago

I think at this point Mario is way too familiar a game character to be just... out of the picture.

I agree that maybe these same characters are starting to get a little bland, but hey, you don't have to keep buying Mario games if you don't want to. Sure, you'd be missing out on some of the finest gameplay around, but if you're really getting tired of that face no one is stopping you from giving up with Mario.

doshey4030d ago

who is this we cause that game got boring after the, idk how many games have they came out with that had mario in it

mintaro4030d ago

Mario is a character everyone knows, he's too familiar and he will always be in the videogame mix

TheExecutive4030d ago

we arent bored with Mario?

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The story is too old to be commented.