Kojima: 'Today I made a major direction change for FOX'

Hideo Kojima posted an interesting message on his Twitter today.

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Jio2389d ago

*looks at previous comments

*they're all "!"

A man of few words, I see

Batzi2388d ago

actually only the previous comment was a "!". Check the ones before :P

Lyr1c2389d ago

Thanks goodness.

Fox was really getting on my nerves.

Especially that Bill O'Reilly guy. Pfft.

Godmars2902389d ago

This gen has been nothing but more talk, less action and promotional exploitation.

Nyxus2389d ago

What does that have to do with this? Kojima often posts updates of what he is doing on his Twitter, this is just that.

Godmars2902389d ago

And before when he did something like this, it was for an actual game. As it was in production with a foreseeable release date on such-and-such system. This is just him talking up a graphics engine and a possible game that could be on the PS4/Next Box as soon as the 360/PS3.

Solid_Snake372389d ago

He posts a lot of food too lol

dark-hollow2389d ago

Today I made eggs and bacon for breakfast.

soundslike2389d ago

I'm so sick of your action-less talk and promotional exploitation!

Jio2389d ago

I had a bowl of nails for breakfast...Without any milk

Godmars2902389d ago

Isn't PC going online-only too? For major releases anyway.

Nelson M2389d ago

Fox Hound
Fox Die
Fox Alive

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