Do Violent Video Games Make People More Violent?

The age old question returns… do violent video games really have an effect on player’s behavior and personality? As gamers we are exposed to a lot of violence, from slitting your enemy’s throats to killing innocent civilians for the fun of it; almost everything we do on a game is focused around some sort of violent action. Of course parents and other people in the general public view these games as the underlining cause to negative attitudes and thoughts, however, could it be proven that video games actually make gamers think more violently?

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TheSuperior 2391d ago

This is a subject that really 'grinds my gears' ive play violent video games my whole life and ive only killed like three people in real life... lol jk! no really i dont think video game violence has anything to do with my behavior in real life.

Machioto2391d ago

I believe what makes people violent is either a natural disposition to it or the way we as people can't alway come to reasonable agreement on things.

@huf I think there is a big difference from killing a virtual human and real one or an animal.

Machioto2391d ago

Damn wallis! I often don't find a comment than so beautifully describe what I think on some subject that gets posted on here. bubble+1

Corepred42391d ago

I don't care what anyone says about anything in this article. I WANT that controller! Maybe a bit more blood but that's awesome. PS3 version too, please!

antz11042391d ago

No they don't,.....aaaaaand if you don't agree with me I'll light you on fire.

Septic2391d ago

If violent video games make a person behave more violently then that person most likely has pre-existing medical condition making him more impressionable and susceptible to exposure to elements of violence be it via the medium of video games, movies or even possibly books.

wallis2391d ago


Violence is a concept that encompasses a series of actions and behaviours. It's impossible to consider what makes something violent because violence is a quality as well as an outcome. It's the same as asking which ingredient makes cake delicious. There's a lot going in there and a complex relationship forms between the ingredients and although you can never say with 100% certainty but you can say that the question is redundant.

It's just looking for excuses to explain what is essentially psychotic behaviour. Some guy skins a goat and staples it to his house nobody looks at his film collection because he's clearly just fucking insane. End of. Shooting children in schools doesn't require excuses because there none. It's wrong and messed up and there is no situation outside of mind control that could ever allow that decision and the impacts it brings to be put on the shoulders of a game programmer!

MurDocINC2391d ago

Bad parenting makes violent people. Case closed!

Someone raised with right values knows the difference between real life and video games(or other media).

tiffac0082391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Well said!

After all, gaming is not a rhetoric that persuades people on what they should do, its a form of entertainment to be enjoyed. Its the same as Movies, TV Shows and Comics.

Its ironic every time a new medium of entertainment becomes prominent in our daily lives, it becomes the subject of influencing violence.

This is an old story stamped onto a new medium. Nothing new there.

r1sh122391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

This article is just misrepresentation of media.
The same could be said about constant bias in the press about terrorism, when regular people are getting shot and stabbed - but that hardly gets reported as much.
Lets not forget about films, tv shows and some weird forms of music.
They should use the term 'entertainment' or 'media' more often.
And lets not forget the kid that used a shotgun on his family because he though he was in the MATRIX loool. I wonder what game he played...

If I watch Bad Boys 1 or 2 I shouldnt be expecting to run into some yardies and have a fire fight.
Its strange how in both the USA and UK politicians hail films that show the Army's fighting terrorists (hurt locker or act of valour) but hate when games like call of duty or battlefield use names lol.
Stupid politicians and media.

brish2391d ago


"This is a subject that really 'grinds my gears' ive play violent video games my whole life and ive only killed like three people in real life..."

Think about all the people who are alive today because you were busy killing virtual people in video games instead of killing real people!

Seriously, I think what is going to be discovered is that people need a release for tension and video games provide that. People without a release are more likely to be violent in real life.

NAGNEWS2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

if you are really stupid

awi59512391d ago

It doesnt matter anymore games are protected speech now overzealous family groups can go suck it now.

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Hufandpuf2391d ago

I don't think it makes people more violent but it does desensitize us to violence in some ways. I play a lot of war games, FPSs and RTSs and sometimes I imagine wars breaking out when I daydream, but in real life I don't like hurting people so I would say games do t make me violent at all.

Hicken2390d ago

I don't think we're desensitized, either. Like Machioto said, there's a difference between death in a game, and death in real life. Even watching someone die on TV is different than watching it right in front of you. There's simply no comparing a depiction, no matter how gruesome it may be, to the real thing. Unless there's something wrong with you, you can't enjoy watching person die in front of you.

Hufandpuf2390d ago

I didnt say COMPLETE desensitation but playing violent video games make the topic of violence more acceptable. And its not even about killing someone (which is what a lot of people think it is) its whether video games can bring out aggressive tendancies in people. Of course violent video games dont create murderers, thats absurd.

abombletap2391d ago

heck no..i play every violent video games out there..and i turned out okay and peaceful. hehe

Tonester9252391d ago

lol People aren't becoming more violent because they take out all their frustration on GTA.

Octo12391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Only if its a shitty game. Shitty games makes me want to punch kittens in the face!!

No wait! PAID for shitty games. That will make me go Columbine on your asses!!

SecretPsycho2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Violent people play violent games~

And others x3 ...didn't think i had to add that in.

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