GNT Review: PS Vita

GNT: Handheld gaming, a much loved pass time of gamers on the go. Sony brings us their latest, and possibly greatest, handheld gaming device: The PS VITA. The VITA has some stiff competition in today’s market however, with Nintendo currently dominating the scene with the ever popular 3DS and IOS offering games 40 times cheaper, is there really room for another contender for the handheld throne?

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Unexpecta2389d ago

All that for $250 bucks? I still can't believe all the heat packed inside the beast, it's quite surprising what Sony has achieved.

My PSVita has officially replaced my 360.

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MastaMold2389d ago

Memory cards need a price drop as i wait to buy a 32gb card but right now my 8gb is holding me down

Rageanitus2388d ago

i bought mine at costco for 85 dollars.. pretty fair deal imo

mcstorm2388d ago

For me the psv has 3 problems. 1st is the price for handheld its too expensive and the 2nd is the games the console needs more quality games and it has messed up on games like mnr by not giving it online play. The 3rd is advertising well here in the uk anyway we dont see it on the tv ect.

I love my psv before people start saying im a fan boy ive not been able to put it down since getting it but i can see the bits it needs to improve on and if sony can give the psv a good price point and some amazing games like lbp lbp karting gt psv mgs ect sales will pickup for the device. I dont think it will ever out sell the 3ds but i do think it will out se the psp.

MmaFan-Qc2388d ago

the console itself doesnt need a price cut.

BUT, the only pricey part is the mem card, they should drop the 32gb to 69$-75$.

other than that, if you think the vita cost is too high....then go do somthing else with your money, for 250$, i felt like i robed sony on feb15.

guitar_nerd_232388d ago

It's not $250 in the UK. It's RRP is £230 or roughly $370.

If it were $250 or equivilent £160ish then it would be an absolute steal.

eferreira2388d ago

price is fine, its far more powerful than a 3ds why should it be priced the same. It has quality games and the system isnt even 2 months old in NA. 3rd ya it needs a bigger marketing push.

SaiyanFury2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I'll be honest, I don't think the system is too expensive. It has a crapload of power (for a handheld device) and it works really well. I strongly believe Sony is taking a hit for every console they sell, seeing how powerful handheld devices can cost well over 500 dollars and up. Look at iPads and unlocked iPhones; Well over 500 dollars for the upscale models, and some people buy the new versions every year. I don't see there being a new Vita next year, so a one time payment of 250 dollars (I'm in the US) is easily warranted for me.

Now the point of contention: the memory cards. Yep, they're expensive, no doubt about it. I want the 32GB one but I have trouble justifying the 100 dollar price tag. That said, however, Sony does need to make money somewhere with the Vita. And that's where they've chosen to try and make up the loss they get when they sell a system. And afterall, Sony is a business; they're in business to make money. I just won't be giving them quite as much as they're asking, haha. :)

guitar_nerd_232388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I wish the price was the same in the UK as it is in America but mine gets daily use so I don't feel ripped at all.

My only gripe is despite how much I've enjoyed the games on offer so far, I don't like it when they push touch controls on me.

It's nice in the OS but the too frequent gimmicky bits in Uncharted for example just break up the experience from what is it's main selling point to me- real controls (edit: altho the gyro aim tweaking is nice).

Ninja Gaiden is currently ruling my lunch breaks.

StoneAgeWarfare2388d ago

PsVita + 32gb card + Ray man & Uncharted = Epic win

godzilla722388d ago

Vita is pretty amazing, i dig it! Virtua Tennis 4 is incredible!

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