2008: The Year Of The PS3 writes:

"Boy, what a headache this last year has been for all of us Playstation 3 owners. From the lack of AAA titles, to the loss of long time exclusives (DMC, GTA, etc.), Sony has certainly been hit from all angles. For a moment there, I was almost worried. But as the new year came into effect, something happened. Things started to change."

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Bill Gates4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Ah Yes the PS3. Well with XBL being down every other day lately, and the BABOONS so dependant on it because they are so BRAINWASHED, and HD-DVD as good as DEAD, I'd have to say that the 360 is currently curled up into a little ball in a corner of the M$ Corp. headquaters, SCARED SHIETLESS.....AAHAHAHAHHAHA

M$ you *ucked millions of gamers with the original xbox, and now karma is coming for you. Don't you know you should never fuk with gamers? We're a loyal group who ALWAYS find a way to get back at those who have ripped us off.

Good luck with your Zune, you coward

Coffin874031d ago

rofl, i have to agree with anything you say, esp. the second paragraph.

but wait, an anti-m$ comment from "Bill Gates"? weren't you supposed to be xbox fanboy?
did i miss something??

gamesR4fun4031d ago

well if he was a 360 fan hes a smart one writings on the wall 360 rip 08/09 guess Id b bitter too if it was my only console...
Especially if Id sunk more than the 150 I picked mine up for (with hd games n more last year)
Good news is that we should still see a few stellar games this year for the 360 but unless they come up with a pr miracle its doomed in o9.

bizi64984031d ago

The xbot-shtapo tried to censure you, like many others who dared giving them the shiet they deserved. I got tired of having to un-hide every time to read you: I've just turned off hiding just for you, dude.

Resistance is the only answer, we pawned them guys. n4g should learn something here: some people thought they could hijack this site and get away with it. we don't need no stinking karl rove wannabes on n4g!

AngryTypingGuy4031d ago

An asinine comment with (currently) 28 agrees. There sure are a lot of dumb motherfu**ers on this website.

The 360 was the undisputed champ of 2007, and it will give the PS3 a run for its money in 2008. When the end of the year comes, you'll still be saying "Just wait, the PS3 will show its superior graphics one day". Morons.

Just to be perfectly clear, I might buy a PS3 myself one day, as I think it is an awesome system. But there are so many of you losers who think that everything about Sony is so cool and everything about MS is crap. Talk about being brainwashed. If you can't see that both systems are awesome, and both systems have room for improvement, then consider yourself an idiot.

Lifendz4030d ago

but some of those are really up in the air, no? Heavy Rain? I mean, do we know for sure if this game is coming? Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited for '08. Warner Bros going exclusive is just an added bonus.

360 owners, sell your system and cut your losses. 07 was a great year. A phenomenal year. But 08 is going to be even better on PS3. Get as much for 360 while you still can before MS licenses the technology out and we start seeing 360s made by a myriad of companies.

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aggh im on fire4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Its nice that the Ps3 sales have improved after a bumpy start. Credit where its due. But no doubt this thread will turn once again into a slanging match with xbox fanboys giving abuse and sony fanboys spouting it back with their blind views. Oh look its alreadt started..see above. Just to remind you Sony and Microsoft are in this to make money not for our benifit. They often work together on things also...its buisness. Stop being aload of little girly wingers and enjoy your games.

TANOD4031d ago


cuz just like you X360 fanboys would be converted to PS3 FANS

DONT FORGET 2008 sees the BIGGEST GAME OF ALL TIME---FF13 being unleashed exclusively on THE CONSOLE GOD codenamed PS3

gamesR4fun4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Wouldn't you want to know this b4 shelling out big coin on a doomed box?
The way our mostly corporate media works it will be days if not months b4 their spelling it out for folks....
So if they wont shouldn't we? Just saying its news for gamers but its also from gamers...
Sad fact is that most of the truth gets buried in the fan wars.

Sure Sony still has a lot of ground to make up but you cant deny b/r has the leading hd format will move ps3's.... Whats going to move 360's? Live dowloaded movies? Wont happen. Halo3 has run its course the next one wont sell near has many tho they wont loose money. Alen wake might b a killer ip and ngs2 just makes me happy I have a 360. But system movers like ff msg are only doable on one box the same one that offers the safer more reliable less laggy online service for free. After they put out Home and in game xmb what are you gonna want to play on?
Nope its the end for the 360 and no one can deny it. If spelling that makes me a fanboi to you so be it. One things for sure I do wish M$ had put hd dvd in the 360 but they never really wanted either format to win right?! And now its you guys holding the box when they pull the same crap they did on their first gen...

Odion4031d ago

i want to know how this got approved, some random dudes Blog wtf

mesh14031d ago

ps3 has 2 exclusive coming out this year mags4 and gt5 360 has too human/alanwake/gears of war 2/warhound/fablee 2/deadisland/saintrow2/ng2 yes sure the ps3 stands a chance haha keep dreaming PS3TROLLS

MatRicuLaTeD_4031d ago

lmao yeah some random dude, haha check out his clan too lmao

INehalemEXI4031d ago

Looks like some fanboys blog , dudes got a point though.

Bubble Buddy4031d ago

I thought it was the year of the rat? my bad lol

cmrbe4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Its the year of the snake. Gosh i can't wait to get my hands on MGS4

Edit: Bubble to you too :)

Bubble Buddy4031d ago

lol bubble dude, that's jokes