Top 8 Nintendo 64 Games

411media writes: This week we will be looking at the Top 8 Nintendo 64 Games. I have to admit this is my ideal list; I have loved this console since I was a child. I have many games which could have filled this list up, and that's why this week we will have a Top 16! In reality it will just be 8 honourable mentions.

The rules are a little different this week as importance and impact are taking a major backseat to personal preference, these games are some of my all time favourites and I will be ranking them as such. The other two will factor in a little, but I won't deny that most of this is just my favourite games.

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ElasticLove2483d ago

Conker's Bad Fur Day, still one of my favorite games to this day.

Jio2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

I loved/ I still love Banjo Kazooie. To this day, I'm still playing it, it's really aged well, even the colorful cartoony graphics don't look bad. Really, this generation, with such amazing power capabilities, could have produced amazing games that we wished were popular in the past. Instead, all we got were CoD knockoffs, fps shooters, and big budget action games. While fun, there wasn't enough variety this round. Games are going downhill, we should look back to the N64/PS1 era and remember a time when games were games, and not chores.

Redcrimson1012483d ago

Who in the hell made this list !? U forgot turok and perfect dark.

Tommy3342483d ago

Diddy kong racing never get any love.

Tzuno2482d ago

wwf no mercy is a turd delete with shift. Maybe you mean Killer Instinct 2 gold.