Steel Battalion on Kinect has Gut-Stuffing and Corpse-Dismembering

KINECTaku's James Newton writes:

"Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is Kinect's next mature game and it sounds like it may even give Rise of Nightmares a run for its money in the adult stakes."

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GribbleGrunger2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

it's sad that they have to stood to this level of promotion in order to convince people it's a true hardcore game and it's on Kinect. i'd have the same view if Sony did it too.

'Gut-Stuffing and Corpse-Dismembering'

i'm sure there will be many teenagers who will be attracted by that just because they feel it makes them men

EasilyTheBest2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Its totally mad on N4g what people will moan about.
Theres games that are violent and sick that are not Kinect games. Dont you think it just maybe thats the way the game was meant to be Kinect or not.
But its a war type game where your in a machanical machine plus you can get out, it uses Kinect plus a controller, it would look like a Hardcore game without the Blood and guts..

GribbleGrunger2480d ago

no i don't actually. i think it's a cynical ploy to garner some hardcore credentials for a casual device. Kinect works great for what it can do (which is more than PSEye can do IMO), but fans have been calling out for more hardcore games as promised and this is trying to promote that idea. i strongly believe that.

JellyJelly2480d ago

@GribbleGrunger - What some (most) of you fail to understand is that people who are hardcore gamers are generally not attracted to begin with in things like Kinect, Wii or Move. I'm one of them.

BUT, if you own a Kinect and want something that's hardcore for a Kinect game, then this might be very interesting to you.

Tai_Kaliso2480d ago

Have you ever played a Steel Battalion game? They are violent already.

I don't think Microsoft feels any pressure to make core or casual games for Kinect, they've always took a stance that "Kinect is for gamers". They didn't pigeon hole it.

I think every type of gamer can get enjoyment out of a lot of what Kinect offers, even if its just added features to Halo, Forza, Mass Effect or Ghost Recon.

This isn't a Microsoft Studios game, so its something that was out before the Xbox was even out. Steel Battalion has always been a rough and gritty game.

lodossrage2480d ago

If this game turns out bad, then mine will be up on EBAY.

Because thus far, I've been veering toward getting rid of mine for lack of games (and no I don't mean add on functions to already made franchises)

THIS here for me is THE reason to own Kinect, assuming it turns out good anyway.

SITH2480d ago

I miss the original steel battalion. This game will not be a sufficient substitute for the hardcore veteran VT pilots who have been desperately waiting for another steel battalion game.

JamesNewton2480d ago

If the Kinect Steel Battalion didn't have violence/swearing in it, people would complain it had been "dumbed down" and kiddified for Kinect. Keep the 'mature' content in and people complain the same.

God I love the internet.