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The inclusion of a stand says one thing loud and clear - the 3DS is the wrong console for this game. This is not an accessory which enables extra functionality, or an optional addition which some people might prefer - it exists only because the game is not playable for an entire mission without it. To play this game on your handheld gaming device, an additional plastic stand and a table is required. How did this get from conception to finished product?

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Shnazzyone2480d ago

Regardless of this and many other reviewers have stated. This is an awesome freaking game. Clearly this author has issues with nintendo from the getgo. I kinda laugh at the idea of someone using the stand to play the full game. Clearly shows how stupid they are. The stands included primarily for the AR card game, so your free to tinker with the cards without trying to fiddle with the 3ds hinge. Totally unnecessary for the main game. After spending quite a bit of time with this title over the last few days my determination is that the controls do actually work and people knocking points off this title's score for them are either:

A. Left handed and don't have a CPP

B. Drama queens.

The controls are undeniably unique and do take some time to get used to. However by the time you're in chapter 2 you got the hang of it and can only get better from there.

Even if you don't like the controls, stop whining because in the options the controls are fully customizable, you actually DON'T HAVE TO AIM WITH THE STYLUS. But you lose speed and accuracy by choosing that option.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised though. Despite nintendo's dramatic turnaround to supporting core gamers again over the last 2 years there's always people who want to hate them. Guess there always will be. Still. I'm really finding it hilarious imagining this guy playing the game with the stand, grumbling to himself angerly. If you're reading this author, LOL! you're a dumbass!!