What Game Devs Want From Next-Gen Consoles

Frank Cifaldi, Kris Graft: So what exactly should game developers expect, and what do they want from the next generation of consoles? We already know the basics of Nintendo's offering with the Wii U, but what about Microsoft and Sony? As rumors about a new Xbox and PlayStation continue to swirl, Gamasutra speaks with several top-tier game industry figures from Crytek, DICE, Epic Games and others to answer the question: What do you desire from the next generation of hardware?

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N4realGMRZ2443d ago

How about what gamers want?

Voxelman2443d ago

they don't know what they want

2443d ago
trenso12443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

ok but i think gamers(or i atleast what i want) is less focus on dlc giving us more for what we a paying for. better single player expeirences and not cookie cuter ones. with a little less focus on multiplayers. and of course more innovation,