Will The Vita Be The Next Big Success Story?

"The launch of PS Vita both in Japan and internationally seems to have been met with a reception of indifference, going by sales figures, internet comments and my own anecdotal evidence gathered from friends, none of whom are considering purchase of a new portable system any time soon."

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MoFo11112388d ago

Its going to be interesting to see how it does in the upcoming NPD sales figures.Its doing terrible in Japan.Its launch was lackluster in the USA
It needs a price cut badly

negroguy2388d ago

Agree the launch lineup wasn't very stellar for Japan. What I want to see is how well Phantasy star online will do overall. MMO on the go sounds pretty sweet to me.

Kamikaze1352388d ago

I'm a bit of a Sony fanboy, but I agree. It's too expensive and on top of that, a memory card is practically required with purchase.

MmaFan-Qc2388d ago

a price cut on the vita itself? No.
a price cut on the mem cards? yes, make it 60-75$ for the 32gb.

other than that, all it need to have more sales is more games like a new Monster Hunter in japan to see it sell like hotcakes.

MastaMold2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

@ice_cold, delusional and trolling much

MoFo11112388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I backed up my opinion of why i think it needs a price cut with sales figures

Media Create Sales: Week 12, 2012 (Mar 19 - Mar 25)
PSV - 10.302

Media Create Sales: Week 11, 2012 (Mar 12 - Mar 18)
PSV - 10.021

Media Create Sales: Week 10, 2012 (Mar 05 - Mar 11)
PSV - 10.041

Media Create Sales: Week 9, 2012 (Feb 27 - Mar 04)
PSV - 10.023


PSV - PlayStation Vita - 225K

Here are the links

These sales are not good.Im not the delusional one here

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Unexpecta2388d ago

The PSVita is truly a special device that deserves every gamer's attention.

Unexpecta2388d ago

I've said this many times, a price cut isn't going to happen anytime soon.

If you can't afford it, go do something else with your time.

bumnut2388d ago

There is a difference between not being able to afford something, and not buying something because its not worth it.

2388d ago
dark-hollow2388d ago

Actually I think he's right.
Not to say the vita doesn't worth it price or its overpriced.
It got pretty nice tech inside it, the problem is, tell that to your average gamer.

A vita is the same price as ps3, more expensive than an arcade Xbox and the wii and 3DS.
So it almost on the top of the chain when it comes to price.

clearelite2388d ago

A price cut wouldn't hurt, but it looks like sony's problem is MAINLY their marketing. There are less powerful devices, that cost twice as much, and still sell like crack.

gtxgamer22388d ago

sorry you cant afford it

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MoFo11112388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I have no interest in handhelds.I just think its going to fail without a price cut.Its selling 10000 for the past 5 weeks in Japan.Thats not healthy
Only sold 225000 in its launch month in usa

Machioto2388d ago

Of course it won't interest you,because every article or comment I read you where trolling about how Sony doesn't do this as well as Microsoft.

Drekken2388d ago

Dude... troll more. Go buy stock in MS and lock yourself in a closet with a picture of Balmer already. Enough is enough.

BubloZX2388d ago

Dude the vita has about maybe 1.5 million vitas sold to date world wide chill out. Sony will develope more japanese syled games for the device in due time. I mean did you honestly think games like uncharted,Unit 13, sports games, and other western shooters even appeal to the japanese gamer? hell no, even COD sales suck over there. Japanese players like their fantasy mmos and rpgs with the occasional street fight. The psp has all that and you can just dl a copy of any psp game you want for free so until the vita has its own library it will sell slow over there. But look at the US And Europe they almost rival the 3ds despite the price difference.

ronin4life2388d ago

You can't download psp games for free. Even if you own the umd in japan, you have to have a compatible game (one on the list of transferable titles) and then pay a small fee.

FragGen2388d ago

Price is not the problem, AT ALL. PSV is a monster piece of tech at its price point.

There are many devices with weaker tech/specs that sell for more (cell phones/iPod touch, pads, etc). The issue is that handheld consoles are a niche market, now. With portable devices being what they are and general purpose units so widely distributed the days of the 125M+ unit handheld game device like the NDS are over.

Sony needs to know what THEY consider a success in terms of units YOU guys may be thinking 8M+ first year or it's a "flop" but SONY may not be expecting that kind of adoption rate at all from this product. This unit is a long term product like the PSP. If it does similar business to the PSP (75M+ lifetime units) and does better on lifetime SW sales (due to lower piracy rates) this thing will be a knock it out of the park success, IMHO, regardless of what nobodies on the net label it as...

$250 is a fantastic price for the base unit at introduction for this device. The memory cards should cost about half of what they do but that's about all I would complain about.

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SandWitch2388d ago

I can't imagine otherwise. Such a nice device deserves good games and high sales numbers. And I guess it will get a good sales boost once Gravity Rush, COD, Assassin's Creed and Bioshock will be released.

josephayal2388d ago

it's a pretty sweet system, but competing against mario is not going to be an easy task.

chasegarcia2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I got the PS Vita. I feel that because of Sony's decisions this console is leaning towards FAIL at the moment.


Proprietary cables & Memory card.
Prices(Games & Proprietary stuff)
VGA Camera? WTH
AT&T Deal
Online Passes

btw-I still think the system itself is pretty good, but I believe Sony is not going to dominate the market with these decisions.

Unexpecta2388d ago

The only reason why I bought the PSVita is to game. I could care a lot less about all the reasons as to why you think this console's going to fail.

When my hands first touched this console, I was sold. That is why the PSVita IS going to SUCCEED because it creates an experience like no other.

aDDicteD2388d ago

you got that right, almost all gamers will be sold on ps vita

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