CNET recommends refraining from HD DVD

Because of the recent news that Warner Bros. Entertainment will be exclusively supporting Blu-ray, CNET recommends refraining from purchasing an HD DVD player in the near future. Exclusive support of Warner Bros. Entertainment gives Blu-ray a large advantage in terms of studio backing, leaving only Paramount and Universal as major studios releasing movies exclusively on the HD DVD format. This guide (HD DVD vs. Blu-ray) will be overhauled after CES to reflect this and any other news announced at the show.

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TANOD4029d ago

even a site partially owned by MS is recommending us not to purchase HD DVD

truely MEGATON

pwnsause4029d ago

LMAO, they are suffering like crazy now!, ahahahahhaha, what did I say, Porn is to VHS as PS3 is to blu-ray!!, remember that Microsoft and Toshiba, that way it doesnt happen to you again

sonarus4029d ago

this is common sense really. The earlier you start selling your hd dvd stuff the more you'll be able to get for it

wallace10004029d ago

Its not like microsoft censors what CNET writes TANOD. They give blu-ray players great reviews and give good advice. I don't think anyone could recommend buying an HD DVD player after this news. Some people seem to think that CNET has an agenda to only promote (in the form of good reviews or advice) devices that microsoft supports.

unsunghero284029d ago

I actually laughed at the title.

Somehow I doubt that any of the CNet-reading audience would have little enough awareness to buy an HD-DVD player at this point.

Brian52474029d ago

Blu-Ray deserved to win this battle. It's the superior product.

aba4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )


The difference between HD-DVD and blu-ray is tiny. Not like the jump from VHS to DVD. But whatever, I have a PS3 so more movies for me if I want to buy em.

doshey4029d ago

okay it is a big jump when dvds are gone and blu ray rules

Guwapo774029d ago

The difference between the two in what they can do is very small. The huge difference between the two were the size of the disk. I believe if HD-DVD could have some how changed the disk to get atleast 25gig per layer they would have a fighting chance.

I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think you could fit a LOTR length movie with PCM sound. I think that maybe too much to fit on a single layer 15gig disk. Yeah, they can go to a 30gig disk...but the more layers the more expensive.

GIJeff4029d ago

its much more superior, look it up. I'm too lazy to right now, but i know BR has way more space, a very good bitrate, and a hard to scratch surface. It is plenty more superior. If VHS lasted forever, allowed skipping to any point on the tape instantly(chapters, special features, etc.), and held enough info for HD movies and sound we would have never went onto DVD. :)

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MK_Red4029d ago

Why would anyone with their right mind say or recommend otherwise?