DLC is Getting Out of Hand

With this generation of consoles, internet enhanced features have became the standard. Services like Xbox Live and PSN have allowed developers to provide the latest trailers, demos, and downloadable content for all of their current titles. While some games, such as Borderlands, have many different add-ons that add hours of content (DLC), other titles like Marvel vs. Capcom 3 offer only a few new characters (that were completed before the game released) and alternate costumes. Lately, titles like Mass Effect 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken have gotten a lot of hate for their DLC that is fueled by the perception that developers are taking advantage of gamers.

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Baka-akaB2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Getting ?

It always was to begin with . Having a few well done wont change that

dark-hollow2416d ago

To be fair there are some devs who put dlc to good use like gta iv and red dead.

Sadly the rest abused the concept.

Baka-akaB2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

But those are still very rare and came very late . Dlcs were abused from day one with publishers like Bethesda and it's infamous Oblivion Horse armor .

People blew the whistle , but very few listened and here we are . It's far too late .

Lucretia2416d ago

while true, so are used games sales. if it wasn't for the multi-million $ loss companies lose they wouldn't have to stoop so low.

eventually it will all be like PC gaming hopefully...with out the pirating I hope.

typical solution for dlc for me is......Wait till the game is only 30 bucks, then buy the dlc you want. only takes 1 or 2 months for the game to drop that low in price. stop buying used, it's only a 5$ difference most of the time

portugamer2412d ago

Why do studios release dlc ? Because they dlc(Don't Listen to Customers)

Studios try things, if customers accept those things, why would they stop?

For example,
Microsoft released a flawed x360, with 50% failure rate, thanks to rrod.
People had de choice to not buy it. They choosed to give their money to microsoft
Microsoft created those ms points, and asked money for live, so people can play online.once again, people had the choice to say NO, and not pay for online gaming.but they smiled and gave their money to microsoft, even if they online play online 10 minutes, each month.

Then, studios started to make dlc, as extensions for their games, for example, the perfect 10, for Enslaved: trip to .... A few years ago, dlc meant 'the game is over, we made some new levels and missions, so you keep playing the game and have fun.'

Then, they started selling insane items for the games, like an avatar, a new color for the main character hair,etc. Incredibly, people did buy those items.

Then, came the 'already in the disc' content, where actually the stuff was there, just needing a unlock code, on psn/live. People still bought them.

Then, studios started blocking important parts/aspects of the games, almost forcing you to get that dlc or pack. Come on, a dlc or any other pack should always serve to extend the pleasure and fun while playing a game. Never, a missing dlc should decrease the value of the game, the story, etc, so you feel 'forced' to get it, so you don't miss a thing.

First, online passes were supposed to block 2nd hand market, so people have to pay for a pass. Server costs, bandwidth,etc, they all said. Then, they started blocking single player stuff, as well. Batwoman in arkham city, local co op on uncharted 3,etc. Please someone tell me how a single player game like arkham city can generate online costs..ehh, studios?

We always agreeded, and still bought those games.
If nothing can make people not buy games and dlcs, why would studios stop their practices? No reason for that.

portugamer2412d ago

Don't know what future will bring, but we should prepare ourselves for some greedy behaviors: buy a street fighter game, 10 playable characters on disc, dlc with 25 extra characters available day a forza game, 2 views available, day one dlc for cockpit and rear view + replays. Buy a cod or battlefield game, dlc available day one, with 4 levels of zoom for snipers. Buy mass effect, the whole dialog will be done in penjabi or Arabic. Buy a dlc, for english localisation. Buy a GTA5 game, you can only drive cars. Day one 9.99 dlc, for unblock planes, motos, helicopters, etc.

Studios could sell us games in black and white. They could sell us sub hd graphics, with a dlc for getting 720p. Etc etc etc.

Like I said in another thread, I think I will stop buying games day one, and always wait 2 or 3 months, even if is à favourite game. I will wait for.the game to ne available on psn, with alll the dlcs included, and I will wait for game of the year versions, will all the extensions, etc.

The day people will wake up and realize they are paying real money for avatars or other items, and those things are just one file on a server, that 100000 people link to, and unlike a game or movie you buy and can actually see it on a shelf, those items mean nothing, you don't own them, maybe people will start thinking better, before paying for a virtual thing.

When we see music, today, fans can have a 172kb 24bit song, and they prefer buying a vinyl, I think I a few years, people will start to realize that all this stuff they buy and 'own', actually they own nothing.its all on distant servers, that can disappear in 2 days. That day, people will start asking for boxed games, bluray movies, physical stuff they really do own, and not just 'dust', air, clouds, fog, that those virtual items represent, afterall.

Even if I bought some full games, via psn, its a pleasure to see my games, boxes, movies, on a shelf.they are there, they are mine, and I know where my real money went, and its not just a few items replicated on a server.

Dlc... One day this word will scare us.

Baka-akaB2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

I wouldnt mind used , if gamers at least traded smartly , like among themselves or other solutions . Instead they wanna be spoonfed store credit , losing their 60$ dollars purchase for chump change and games a few dollars less than new a few weeks later .

But by all mean , keep trading in 10 popular games to get stuff like an outdated version of an iphone .

RioKing2416d ago

^That's exactly how I feel about trading in games.

oricon2416d ago

Watch next gen we will see way more DLC with the rising cost of game development because of the new hardware.

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spunnups2416d ago

its beyond bad, i rarely ever purchase post release DLC, unless i feel its worth it, which rare. i will never ever buy a dumb costume or skin that could have been added for free. Whatever happened to customer appreciation?! this gen has semi turned me off from gaming and ive been a gamer sinr the NES.

cheetorb2416d ago

Quit buying it and they'll quit offering it.

LoaMcLoa2416d ago

Maybe you've missed it, but gamers can be REALLY stupid.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2416d ago

I agree, instead of "DLC is Getting Out of Hand" we should see some "How stupid can be the gamers mass", or "Gamers, wake up! They are fooling you with DLCs"

Baka-akaB2416d ago

A simple solution , yet plenty of us are still trapped .

With the initial acceptance of dlc , soon enough more and more conent was cut and added .

The genre non affected by dlcs are getting fewer and fewer in numbers .

As an example what happens when someone is in love mp fps ? He can stick with his principles , and see most of his friends using playlists of maps he doesnt own .
Many people will just crumble

I know i did with fighting games character dlcs and expansions pack . Life's too short to be some lone angry whistleblower

TheShow172416d ago

I just watched the IGN review of Tiger Woods 13 and I believe that is the worst example of DLC in gaming. You have to pay $2 per round to rent the DLC and can't buy it outright, even though it's already on the shipped disc. I thought last year's TW was bad, with something like $150 of DLC, but this is getting out of hand.

nikrel2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

IMO the only dlc that was worth while, felt like it was developed after the games release was " Borderlands " that was fun dlc that absolutely seemed fresh and new.

They get my personal pick for best DLC this generation.

DLC should truly add to the game, be expansive, give value. 99% of the dlc has been a cash grab so far. I've bought the cash grab I will not lie, but I have learned my lesson. Heck I do not even buy most games day one anymore because of dlc. I can wait and so can developers. Prices come down on games, complete editions come out it is a win win for the consumer if you have the patience.

aDDicteD2416d ago

i agree, it changed me too cause instead of buying titles on day 1 i'd rather wait for the complete edition to include all dlcs in one buy plus a cheaper value ranging to $40

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