GameSpot Gets More Criticism

DigitalBattle writes: "The whole issue of GameSpot firing Jeff Gertsmann over a Kane & Lynch review has barely blown over, and now former reviewer Frank Provo criticizes the parent company, CNet, for firing Gertsmann for all the wrong reasons, and says that CNet "…intends to soften the site's tone and push for higher scores to make advertisers happy".

This is certainly not good news for CNet, especially when it comes from a reviewer who worked for GameSpot for almost 8 years. GameSpot's credibility is seriously hurt at this point, I doubt anyone will take the site's reviews seriously any longer."

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unsunghero284030d ago

This may easily be the beginning of the end for GameSpot. And maybe even CNet.

TANOD4030d ago

1up/egm/eurogamer and edge NEXT

paul_war4030d ago

By EDGE I asume you mean the UK mag. & if so I don't see the problem, I've found EDGE to be a balanced mag with a leaning towards Nintendo but no Sony/MS leanings.

CaliGamer4030d ago

You just contradicted yourself, if you say they have a leaning toward nintendo, then by definition they are not balanced. Just thought I would point that out.

Power of Blu4030d ago

Yeah, Edge has always been biased towards Nintendo. I think the only Bias towards Microsoft I saw was their 10 for Halo3.

mintaro4030d ago

possibly gamespot, but c-net is just too powerful, too poweful.....

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gamesR4fun4030d ago

pointing begin

Gamespot RIP 08 death by ng4 truth seekers.

Cnet wouldn't happen to own 1up too?

MK_Red4030d ago

GameSpot better do some quick damage control. Still, I don't think this one will make as much a splash as Gertsmann one did and to most internet users, GameSpot has already lost all of its crediblity.

RIPHDDVD4030d ago

to be the greatest year of our time. HD-DVD dies, Sony is and will dominate this year with MGS4, LBP, Haze, KZ2, WKC, GT5, etc etc, and now GameSpot being criticized for their credibility.

great year indeed.

The Future is Blu. not red, like the RROD.

Shankle4030d ago

Oh, ahah! Ahahah! How witty!

LeX4030d ago

You know its funny what a major fanboy you are. Blu-ray and Sony fanboys go hand in hand I guess. There is common fact that any hardcore gamer owns a XBOX 360. It doesn't mean you can't own a PS3 also, but it definitely means you don't only own a PS3.

Wasn't 2007 supposed to be the year of the PS3 and now its 2008? My prediction (and I'll put money on it) is that 2008 will not be PS3s year either. The PS3 is going the way of the Wii, and will only pick up more casual gamers. It's good as a Blu-ray player and as a casual gaming machine, but not for hardcore gamers at all.

I can't wait till 2009, when everyone is going to say that 2009 is the PS3s year. LOL

doshey4030d ago

yes ps3 fanboys said 07 would be the ps3s year but due to some delays and problems that failed, now as 08 is here our line up looks great with great news about blu ray 08 will be our year, but they doesnt happen oh well it is not like the 360 will have a great year(imo)

Bill Gates4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Gamespot - R.I.P. 08
HD DVD - R.I.P. 08
Cnet - R.I.P. 08 (most likely not though)
Xbox360 - R.I.P 08


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