A look at… Far Cry 2

This time round, Far Cry won't be a solo affair in the Jungle. Jack's incursion into a tropical forest full of baddies is replaced with a team of soldiers exploring and fighting in a variety of locals.
Andre Hyppolite, Frank Bilders, Hakim Echebbi, Marty Alencar, Nasreen Davar, Paul Ferenc, Warren Clide and Yosip Idromeno make up the intrepid cast of characters. First game art and tech videos at the source.

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Captain Tuttle5849d ago

That interior manor shot is amazing. I always liked this game and had a blast with it. Glad to see there's a sequel in the works.

uuuunvnv25848d ago

great videos, looks like another game to buy sometime in the future

Asylumchild5848d ago

so happy this one looks like they will have fixed all the problems with the first. I know we all want lag free servers!!! :) and A more upgraded map disign program on it!!! :)

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