NGB: Capcom Digital Collection Review

There’s a couple of games that might not appeal to individuals and plenty of areas in each that would’ve benefited from a little more tender loving care than they’ve actually received. However, for gamers who can’t get online and others who’ve been torn on purchasing the items individually, this package is almost a no brainer, especially when you factor in its savings as a bundle.

What should be said is that like most downloadable titles, finding online play is not always an easy task and if you don’t intent to play online or local multiplayer at all, then some of the included titles might lose a little of their charm. That aside, Capcom have stuffed enough diversity and for the most part, good quality into a single package to warrant a purchase. So if you fancy a slightly updated trip down memory lane or even if you simply crave some more pick-up-and-play in your life, then this might be the compilation for you.

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